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  1. kendogg

    kendogg Well-Known Member

    OK, so backstory: I'm runing the Basix ROM on my R910. I've had it for maybe 6-8 months now, and it's usually worked flawlessly. Lately though, I've been having a lot of web connection issues, in both 3G and 4G mode. Also, I've noticed the phone is starting to reboot more often, it used to be maybe once every 2 months or so maybe, which was completely reasonable I thought. now, it's starting to happene very couple of days. I have VERY few apps, maybe 10 total, and I research the crap out of my apps before I download them.

    What am I looking at here? Software, or hardware issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    Did you clear your caches?
  3. kendogg

    kendogg Well-Known Member

  4. supernoob12

    supernoob12 Active Member

    had the same problem i backed up all my apps with titanium backup then reinstall basix and flash electric sheep if u don't have it it will fix most of the random reboots at least it did for me... give the 2.2.2 stock room a try too its pretty fast and the phone last longer and doesn't get hot quick good luck

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