Haypi Kingdom Referral Code Thread - Post Your Codes Here!

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  1. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member

    You get a bonus when you use somebodies referral code in Haypi Kingdom, an MMORPG for Android. Feel free to use my referral code or add yours and I will bring it to the top post. My referral code is my user name.

    Referral Codes:


  2. AndroidSheps

    AndroidSheps New Member

    My user name is:


    I'm on Server47, and if you put my username in as your referral I'll help however I can.

  3. fbm111

    fbm111 Well-Known Member

    Please use my referral code as


    I will help in anyway possible.

    If you haven't checked out this game you need to it is very cool.
  4. Alan1968

    Alan1968 New Member

    Please use me as a referral if you start playing this awesome game. My screen name is Gen_Tsao... I may be a ruthless dictator, but my chicken is delectable!
    Please feel free to ask for help. I am new to the game but will help with whatever I can.
  5. Poizzon

    Poizzon New Member

    refer Poizzon , i'll help you out as much as i can ingame. thanks guys.
  6. mttngly

    mttngly New Member

    please refer me..... mikeygal

    thanks a ton, this game is kind of addicting if you need any help feel free to ask me
  7. mrmagoo

    mrmagoo New Member

    MrMagoo is the name to use to refer on Haypi Kingdom
  8. Safushi

    Safushi New Member

    Feel free to refer Safushi2, I play at Server 2, and if you refer me your village will be close to mine, and I will do everything I can to help you, give you tips how to play if needed, donate some resources for you and even help your village to become strong, and invite you to my alliance, the reason why im doing this is because that my brother told me about haypi kingdom and ever since i love that game, and I want to help others start playing it too because its not only a game that you play, its also a game where you can sit and just relax and talk with others aswell.

    So, recruit Safushi if you want me as your neighbour in hapy Kingdom.

    With kind regards,

  9. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    You can refer "Sengaya". Can give you some help for the (not so easy) start...
  10. renatasuker

    renatasuker New Member

    please use my Username as REFERAL! Use dariosuki
    ,and help me to complete Task 24 refer1.
    help me and I will help you with money and resources in the
    game! I'm on SERVER90 . Username- dariosuki

    thank you!
  11. lin221281

    lin221281 New Member

    Please use my referral: lin221281

    Thx in advance!
  12. DK1009

    DK1009 New Member

    refer me please I am in server 98


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