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  1. julian_joseph

    julian_joseph New Member

    I installed the following HD games : (all require huge files for download. So first have more space in memmory and Wi )
    1. NFS Most Wanted - [OK]
    2. Mordern Combar 3 - [OK]
    3. Splinter Cell HD - [Crashed.So I uninstalled]
    4. NOVA 2 HD - [Crashed.So I uninstalled]
    5. BackStab HD - [Crashed.So I uninstalled]

  2. Sanjay saha

    Sanjay saha New Member

    But nfs most wanted is huge size game that the phone memory don't have.. this game can play by install it in memory card?
  3. pinappu

    pinappu Member

    Micromax Canvas 2 has only 512 MB RAM, so we can't expect that it will play each and every HD games.
  4. Biku

    Biku Active Member

    Nova 2 is not that smooth on Micromax Canvas 2.
  5. xumit

    xumit Member

    You can not expect a good performance with such low configuration device.

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