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HD Video Of Tips And Tricks for the Galaxy NoteTips

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  1. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

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  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Dude the brightness changing by swiping the notification bar is elite!

    Great job on this dude. There's a lot of cool stuff I had no idea about.
  3. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

    Glad 2 help :D
    JunBringer likes this.
  4. MonthOLDpickle

    MonthOLDpickle Well-Known Member

    I learned the brightness thing and the swipe left to call swipe right to message from a SG2 video.

    I am gonna watch and see what I have discovered!
  5. apurvapatel

    apurvapatel New Member

    Swipe your palm across the screen to make a screenshot.

    Also, twist your finger on a photo in the gallery to rotate the photo.

    @Cursed4Eva... please do the honors :)
  6. dilipc

    dilipc Member

    Great videos! Many thanks!
  7. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    can anyone confirm if these all work with the ATT version as well? thanks!
  8. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    The brightness level on the notification bar works and the swipe left or right to message or call does as well.
  9. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge, the features should all work on the AT&T Version as well, the *#0*# does not work on checkrom... the rest work on all so far
  10. RogS

    RogS Member

    Excellent, thanks!
  11. edie828

    edie828 New Member

    neither the palm swipe screen cap or the finger picture rotate functions are working for me. :(
    Also, I've was able to change the browser user agent but it doesnt save. it always goes back to the default settings.
  12. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

    finger rotate will work only if auto rotation is off...

    Browser settings does restore to default

    As for palm swipe, dont know why you are having issues bro :(
  13. Alchemistic

    Alchemistic New Member

    Cursed4Eva, what sort of launcher are you using? It looks great!
  14. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

    Go Launcher ex bro :)
  15. Max Revson

    Max Revson Active Member

    Firstly, thanks Ashwin for the very informative videos. I used your videos as a guide to root and install TMT 1.1 on my Note. Went very smoothly indeed and your instructions were easy to follow.

    Just a quick question, did you manage to get a 64GB sdcard to work in NTFS format in TMT1.1? If so, could you explain how to do it please? I tried by downloading NtfsSd(root) from the market but was not successful. The method described in this thread was also not usable as I couldn't find the appropriate folder to extract the attached .zip file into.

    Your thoughts good sir. :cheers:
  16. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member

    Am not sure bro, dont have a 64 gig card to check it... have noted your links, will check em out once i get some time :)

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