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HD Video PlaybackTips

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  1. kennedyk24

    kennedyk24 New Member

    hey guys,
    So I've had my K1 for a few days now and I do like it a lot. I tried playing an HD video today and it was a bit choppy. Is there any video apps in the marketplace that will allow the k1 to play video smoothly?? Or is that one of the k1's limitations? anyone have any luck with this?

  2. rurocking

    rurocking Member

    Define HD video;

    File Type
  3. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    I've read that the Tegra2 chipset dose not handle 1080p videos very well.

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [Q] Tegra 2 HD playback issues?

    If you want to watch videos on the K1 it is better to convert them to 720p 1280x800. There are a lot of video conversion programs out there. I use Nero Vision.
  4. kennedyk24

    kennedyk24 New Member

    So I downloaded the mx video player and the video I was watching was a 1080p mpeg 4 I believe. It has 3 settings, H/W decoder, S/W decoder, S/W fast. I assume this means hardware, then software? The H/W is glitchy and laggy but S/W seems to be fine with very little, if none at all, drop in quality. Obviously S/W fast drops quality but is as seemless as it should be. Oh and with the H/W decoding, I often lose sound for periods of time while the video runs smoothly.

    Thanks for the tip about switching to 720p though!!

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