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General HDFC Bank MobileBanking not compatible with A70

  1. ulfattu

    ulfattu Well-Known Member


    Few days before HDFC launced there official android app but the play store is not displaying the same app.

    I tried installing from https://play.google.com using a PC browser instead but was not able to install it.

    In both case the system displayed that "This app is incompatible with your Vodafone IN Micromax Micromax_A70".

    Can anyone of you please confirm if theay are able to install the HDFC mobilebanking android app.


  2. a70

    a70 Active Member

    Dear ulfattu,

    its available now, please check again.
    i think they have done some updations, it was not available for ICS as well some days back...I have installed it & using.

    great thing is its just .99 mb in size.
  3. ulfattu

    ulfattu Well-Known Member

    Thank you A70, yes now its available and I have installed it.
  4. a70

    a70 Active Member

    I use ICICI & Axis bank apps, but this one is just best off all.

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