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Hdmi 1.4?

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  1. btizzle

    btizzle Well-Known Member

    3d?? lol..

    The spec sheet says 1.4.. This is the newest version that is required for 3d tvs and blu-ray players. Strange that they put it on a phone. Must be a typo..

  2. Montpelerin

    Montpelerin Active Member

  3. btizzle

    btizzle Well-Known Member

    maybe cuz you need a TV that supports 1.4 spec?? Or is 1.4 backward compatible for output.. Im not sure..
  4. GuardianAli

    GuardianAli Active Member

    It might be 1.4 but it doesnt mean it supports every feature. As for HDMI out, currently Android OS does not support HDMI out natively in an API so manufacturers are using their own way to make it work.
    Hence like the EVO, you can only output video using the stock movie player. No mimicing what is on phone to tv, or play games etc...just video and photos. Till google makes a real API or moto and htc keeps adding features with OTA updates, your stuck with the limitations.

    As for no HD over HDMI, the phones pass the video out THE SAME resolution as the original video on the phone. So if you made the video with a great bitrate, it will look great. If you skimped to save space cause the phone screen is small anyway, its gonna look like ass blown up on a tv.

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