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  1. DTLong

    DTLong Member


    New here :). I also postedon the xda forum as I don't know where is more appropriate.

    So am learning about our great device but now have a question.

    I finally received by hdmi adapter. Seems to work fine with my TV.

    However, I also want to use this in the classroom. So I got the hdmi to vga adapter. It works but the output image is low resolution like 640x480 or 7xx by 4xx, depending on the projector. These projectors can handle hi rez (e.g., 1020x728, adn higher) as I use them with my laptop. So the question is, can we control the output resolution as I can not find anywhere the ability to do that? Is there an app?

    Thanks for the help and after waiting for 2 months this is kind of disappointing.


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    It is the HDMI to VGA adapter that is most likely at fault here. If HDMI itself works fine, then the only added element is the VGA adapter.
  3. Dave_T_UK

    Dave_T_UK Active Member

    I am considering getting one of the hdmi adapters, to stream live soccer matches from the web. But at the moment the note screen goes into sleep mode. Can I ask do you know if using the adapter over rides the sleep mode setting.

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