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  1. Kalinon

    Kalinon New Member

    I have the Zii EGG 'developer edition' and need some help seeing as I changed the OS to Android. First off my TV has no HDMI input, just L+R RCA for sound and DVI for video-I understand DVI is W/O audio hence the RCA jacks. I have the cables which make it possible to convert HDMI to DVI and the 3.5mm jack to L+R RCA jacks but still have troubles with it. I can get the video to work fine but have no sound or if I get the sound to work I have no picture-that's my problem. I want the sound and video to work at the same time, not one or the other. Again my output is HDMI to input DVI and for sound it's 3.5mm out-RCAx2 for input. When the sound works on my TV, I only have a picture on the devices tiny LCD, not my BIG tv screen or if I tell the device to use the HDMI, my TV picture is great but it has no sound, not even on my device's internal speaker. I only have the 'pre-installed' video player that came w/Android also. How do I stop the HDMI from killing the 3.5mm audio and get them to work at the same time?

  2. Kalinon

    Kalinon New Member

    I just tried the HDMI out on my Zii Egg to the HDMI in on my Dad's LCD TV with HDMI inputs and STILL there is no sound from the speakers and there isn't setting in that screen(lcd tv) other than switching between the coax/video1+2/HDMI 1+2 so can someone help with this POS???:confused:
  3. it sounds like the inputs you are using for the sound go to another input on the tv. are you sure the rca audio inputs correspond to the dvi input? it could also be that the device will only output sound over hdmi, and not the 3.5mm jack while connected to the hdmi input.
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  4. Kalinon

    Kalinon New Member

    Yepp, the DVI+RCA inputs are circled in blue and goes on to tell me to use the MFG's instructions to use the inputs in the TV's manual. When I hooked up my 'Zii EGG' to the HDMI input on my Dad's tv(HDMI-HDMI) I still got no audio. Sofar audio will not work when I try to use the HDMI out on my 'Zii EGG'. Only when I tell it to use the built in LCD will audio work, which is fine if I want to use a tiny 3" screen. :eek:
  5. hmmm, well I'm not familiar with that device, but i do work in the tv industry, and it sounds to me like theres a problem with the phone. Does the manual say the audio comes from the 3.5mm jack or the hdmi port? if there is no other way to turn the audio on in the phone, i would have to say there is a problem with it.
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  6. Kalinon

    Kalinon New Member

    :mad:I had a reply but this site said I wasn't logged in(even though I was) and now my page is gone. Android sucks(as far as I'm concerned) as well as this site(not the members, its not yous guys) Android sucks and I hate this device now and deleted ALL items that had anything to do with this garbage android software. Plaszma is now back on my device and now at least my device works fine on hdmi/hdmi (not with android crap)still hdmi+3.5mm/dvi+rca is worthless-audio, no video or video, no audio. Unless I can find how to make it work(I found fixes for windowsOS) I say android sucks bags:mad:
  7. tknv

    tknv New Member

    My Zii Egg is running on Android
    Firmware 1.6
    Kernel version 2.6.29
    Build number v0.93.06
    But could not HDMI out and also device not found on Monitor side.
    I tested
    BENQ FP91G+
    Acer LCD
    But all nothing output.
    Please tell your Firmware and your tested Monitor.
    Thanks in advance.

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