Hdmi out with bluetooth mouse - show nav buttons on the TV

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  1. Darjen

    Darjen New Member

    I have a galaxy nexus which I have been using to watch Netflix, Hulu, and downloaded videos with mx player via hdmi on my tv. Seems like none of these video apps will display the nav buttons on my tv, only on the phone. Is there any way to get them to show up when I move the mouse? I would like to be able to pause, skip, switch apps, etc without getting up off the couch and walking over to my phone. Thanks.

  2. Darjen

    Darjen New Member

  3. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I'm looking into getting a TV for my room (first ever!) and I anticipate having similar issues. How feasible is a really long cord? Fwiw, I'd probably use my tablet- I wonder if I can control it with my phone...
  4. Darjen

    Darjen New Member

    I wouldn't use a long cord if I were you... bluetooth mice aren't really all that expensive. I actually have a magic trackpad and it works really well. I was thinking about getting an apple tv, but I like this better because I can do more, including torrents if I really want to. and of course access to way more apps as well.

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