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HDMI output on xperia neo vGeneral

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  1. akshay0078

    akshay0078 New Member

    I have searched a lot over google etc. about knowing if the neo v with HDMI output capability actually outputs 720p on HDTV or it is just that the screen resolution is upscaled to HD..

    I can understand that all HD games are high in graphics but they are not actually 720p resolution certainly..but i am talking about HD movies which are of 1280*720 resolution which plays on my xperia neo v like a true HD video with high density of my screen with bravia engine enabled it looks awesome on my mobile..

    But my query is when I connect it to HDTV by HDMI cable provided with xperia neo V...the same HD (1280*720) does not seems to be like HD..So is it that it outputs the mobile screen resolution by upscaling even in the case of HD files ?

    Is that just happens with xperia neo v or all the android smartphones with HDMI output capabilities just upscales the resolution?

    Please make it clear with few links possible as well as help on how to make the HDMI output for HD videos look as good as possible..(specially on my xperia neo v)

    Thank you..

  2. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I think it will depend on the quality of the video that you are playing, for example I copied a HD quality movie on my phone and played it on my HDTV and the quality was amazing. Then I copied another movie (supposedly HD but it wasn't, only scaled to 720P) and the quality was not as good on the TV, it looked pixelated.
  3. akshay0078

    akshay0078 New Member

    Ya I agree with you that quality is awesome..but all I got to complain is the ouput through mobile the color looks saturated a bit as well as the black level is bit screwed up..if you want you can see it yourself by downloading avs hd calibration disk which is in HD play it through mobile and you can see that black portion is too blacck that we miss details..whereas the disk works fine with DVD player etc but output through hdmi I guess some details in dark are missed out..that is where I am unhappy if you go into detail you can understand it..
  4. vonfire21

    vonfire21 New Member

    hello, i tried to connect my neo v to a samsung LED tv through HDMI. but it wont work. what i suppose to do? please help me.

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