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HDMI Switch problems

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  1. amwebby

    amwebby Member

    I'm running XBMC on a Sumvision Cyclone Android MKV Media Player very successfully except for one annoying problem.

    The Sumvision is plugged into my LCD TV via HDMI and whenever I switch to another input such as SCART, AV or TV the Android box reboots when I switch back to HDMI.

    It does this whether in Android or XBMC mode so it isn't an XBMC issue but I suspect an Android one. Anyone else come across this or have a solution/workaround?

  2. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    Just a taught.... Do you have enabled auto hdmi settings on Android box? If do, set it to fixed value.

    I never used that box, never had that problem with any of boxes so as I said it's just a taught, but worth trying :)
  3. amwebby

    amwebby Member

    If only there were somewhere to do that on an Android box. Sadly there isn't...
  4. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    It was just a taught as I said... Some devices (firmwares) do have that option... But if you don't have it I assume it is hdmi kernel driver bug. Maybe to wait for fw upgrade?
  5. amwebby

    amwebby Member

    Thanks. I have come to a similar conclusion. I have escalated it with Sumvision. In the meantime I'm vainly hoping there's someone whose developed a core hack or app that addresses the problem.

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