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HDMI to VGASupport

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  1. cent89

    cent89 New Member

    Hi, I have an Acer Iconia tab a510 tablet. I have bought an hdmi to vga converter (not adapter) to connect the tablet with monitors and projectors.


    But it doesn't work. The audio is ok, but not the video.
    Can you help me? I think the problem is in the tablet, not in the converter.


  2. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    i'd suggest to try with a micro-hdmi to hdmi first, and if it doesn't work then it's the tablet...
    if it works, then the "converter" is faulty
  3. mremixer

    mremixer Active Member

    I'm currently trying to do a similar thing. I went the non converter route though just to try it lol.

    I can categorically confirm that a converter is needed (am looking for one so any suggestions welcome).

    I'm attempting to attach a Pico projector to my iconia. I already had some miscellaneous VGA cables/adapters etc from when I had projector on laptop & desktop.

    I stupidly thought that having a HDMI to VGA cable would work, I mean why make HDMI to VGA otherwise eh?

    The Pico projector has a composite cable in consisting of a 3.5 mm jack which leads to audio & video leads.

    These (for the laptop) are then plugged into a powered vga to video converter, which in turn has a video out, an s-video out & a VGA out.

    Using video out I'm able to get laptop/desktop working to the projector so I thought it would be a simple micro HDMI adapter on the end of a HDMI to VGA cable fed to my VGA to video converter box then again fed through to projector, but no that doesn't work so I'm back to square one again.

    Though I am considering having laptop & projector setup permanently & may just use iconia as a remote lol

    But would be nice to take tablet & projector to friends, so will keep trying if I find a way I'll come back & report.
  4. cent89

    cent89 New Member

    Hi, the hdmi-vga converter works well with other sources, such as my desktop pc. I read that other tables, such as xoom, does not send enough power down the HDMI cable to power the converter.
    It is possible??
  5. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    anyway projectors with HDMI input are getting cheaper
    saw some for 300-450$ CAD with hdmi-in

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