HDWallPaper V0.5 Help you download HD wallpaper for you android phone

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    HDWallPaper is an online wallpaper app that collect massive HD wallpaper, wallpaper database is updated daily, with landscapes, animation, cars, people, animals, plants, and other users upload a few categories. The vast majority of desktop wallpapers 960 * 854 resolution, support FWVGA, WVGA, HVGA, QVGA screen mobile phone (the software will automatically identify the WVGA, HVGA, QVGA screen, automatically cut.)
    New features:
    The new UI(display resolution, click, upload time)
    Add top download, random Recommended
    Download wallpaper automatically saved on the SD card (if you have a SD card), the second click is no need re-download
    QVGA models support
    one key share Wallpapers
    Support cross-screen display

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