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  1. flcb7

    flcb7 Member

    Hey guys/gals I own a P.O.S Motorola citrus. I use my head phone jack pretty much daily. I went to plug her on in and the music would not play via head phone jack. It just plays out of my speaker on my phone.

    I'm a moderator over at another forum so I know how to search and read threads. But I can't find any info on this specific issue. Is there a setting that I might have changed? Or did this simply just take a dump on me? I can't afford a new phone right now so I'm stuck with this one unless I find a deal for a cheap phone that is worth it. I really wish Verizon would come out with a phone that actually works...I end up having a software problem with EVERY phone I have got from them. My cell bill is free to me so I can't really just up and switch cell providers unless I wanna pay the bill...and I don't lol

    Thanx in advance
    -Ryan :D

  2. flcb7

    flcb7 Member

    can anyone shed some light?..I'm about to feed this phone to my dog it such a P.O.S

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