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Head phones causing songs to fast fwd/skip?Support

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  1. Horta

    Horta Member

    OK well I have taken some pics for you all. Ok so why in the heck does it show the no more skips icon when a phone call come in?

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  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Mine skipped around a bit using the Ubermusic app. It even turned itself a bunch of times even after a reboot. It also thinks my little iHome speaker thing has a microphone even though it doesn't (the little icon at the top has the picture of a headset with a microphone)
  3. tpp0230

    tpp0230 Well-Known Member

    Its the headphone jack that is causing this. I had the same issue with the EVO 4G. Example, use headphones that have the built in microphone, 3 rings around the connector. I bet you can't replicate the problem. HTC provided me a long email back when I got the EVO 4G on why it happens. I use the app Yolky stated above and that fixed my problem on the 4G.. I had the issue once on the 3D but installed the app on it, so haven't had it again.
  4. llescaflownell

    llescaflownell Well-Known Member

    I have the EXACT same issues that Horta is having. Any ideas guys?
  5. cobalt

    cobalt Well-Known Member

    Here's what we know so far:

    • It sometimes misinterprets headphones as headsets-with-mic; you can easily and immediately tell the difference in the icon in the notification bar as soon as you plug them in.
    • Apparently headsets have the capability to trigger fast-forwarding or rewinding through controls on the headset.
    • If it interprets it as headphones (no mic on that icon), you won't have problems.
    • But if it misinterprets them as a headset with a mic, various pressure or wiggling of the headphone jack would trigger the fast-forward or rewind action (or skip in pandora, for example).
    • I personally found it happened to me when I plugged the headphones in slowly. In other words, plugging in the headphones more quickly it gave the normal headphone icon and things were fine. So a simple un-plug and plug-back-in would usually fix it for me.
    • Another workaround is the app mentioned a few posts up. (See jerofld's and yolky's posts above.)
    • It's likely a hardware issue that doesn't exist with all phones and a replacement phone might be the best solution.
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  6. AndroidMax

    AndroidMax Well-Known Member

    The technical reason this is happening is that the phone is measuring the impedance of the contacts trying to guess if you plugged in a headset or earphones. Top that off with the fact that there is no standard for headset impedance, and Chinese always use out of spec anyway, because it's A: cheaper and B: usually louder, plus some headsets have forward and reverse controls built into them that work by temporarily shorting out the internal contacts, and you get this problem. Plus Htc is trying to accommodate as many configurations as possible. ... So, no solution here, just an explanation as to what is happening... Hope this helps.
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  7. Horta

    Horta Member

    Ok guys I just found a fix, for me at lease. I had my portable stereo connected with a 2' curly/stretchy cable. Every single time I just plugged it in like normal the headset icon would show on my phone.

    I then switched to a different cable, just a straight one and no problem. A regular headphone icon shows and no skipping. Also if I wiggle it nothing. So it might just be an cable spec issue. I also connected my phone to my car with Pandora and no skips and no headset icon. So for now at least I won’t use this curly cable.

    Possibly it’s out of spec a bit. The funny thing is the one that works has a big Made in China sticker on it... also in the picture one looks like gold, but its not. Both just regular.

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  8. cobalt

    cobalt Well-Known Member

    Exactly. And so it only happens on some cables and headsets, and even then, can depend on how you plug it in. As you say, the way this is happening seems like it's unavoidable to some degree. Yet some (see JimKnuckles above) have reported that exchanging out their phone actually resolves it for them, so apparently the guesswork involved can be hampered by a hardware difference.

    (I don't think I'll exchange my phone just for this issue, because I've found it easy to detect, fix, and prevent. And otherwise, my 3vo is perfect.:D)
  9. toad6386

    toad6386 Well-Known Member

    I have not an issue like this personally, but from past experiences at work, etc, you might want to try to just insert and remove the offending headset cord in and out of the jack rapidly (NOT forcefully). There might be some gunk on/around one of the jacks' contacts causing intermittent connectivity. This method saved alot of money and conserved a great deal of scalp/follicle connectivity.;)
  10. Kash76

    Kash76 Member

    I am glad to find that others are having this problem and it's not just me. For those who exchanged their device did the problem come back?

    If I remember correctly, the EVO 4G had problems with headphone versus headset at release as well. Either that or another phone I've had in my past :)
  11. Qnz92Lude

    Qnz92Lude Active Member

    Have been communicating with HTC since this started for me. They even requested pictures of the 3 head phones I've used. There only solution was to exchange the phone at sprint. Since I use my phone a my music player at the gym it gets used regularly. I exchanged it and have yet to try it out at the gym but in store it seemed to work fine.
  12. Kash76

    Kash76 Member

    Please let us know next time you are at the gym if it happens again.
  13. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Well-Known Member

    Yep same thing here as well. Just bought some new sony headphones and it was doing the same thing. I do use my phone for music a lot especially when I am traveling so this is a big deal. In any case though, I been meaning to purchase a bluetooth stereo headset since I hate cords so I guess I am fine for now.
  14. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    Mine is happening when I plug into my car stereo via Aux cable. I finally took mine to the Sprint repair store in Sanford, FL and they told me they would not exchange it because of this issue if they could not make it happen in the store. The manager told me that if this is happening when car plugged into an Aux cable in my car, it's not Sprint's issue, but HTC's issue and that I should take it up with them.

    Too annoying to deal with, so I called Sprint Telesales and spoke to a manager and she exchanged my phone...I had it the next day. The issue did not go away. I have tried 4 different brands of Aux cables on both phones and it still skips.

    I used the same cables on my EVO for a year without an issue. I guess I should report this to HTC. Maybe they can come up with a software fix.

    Oh, by the way, it is not just my car, it happens with external speakers at home as well.
  15. Kash76

    Kash76 Member

    Tell the Sprint Employee that he has to go for a ride for a while to see it happen :)
  16. Qnz92Lude

    Qnz92Lude Active Member

    Just used the phone at the gym this was the first time trying it out and did not run into the issue. Worked fine, it may help some of u to communicate with HTC so you have a record of the conversation in your email. The sprint rep I dealt with tried to duplicate it and it worked fine for him so then i told him I've been communicating with HTC. He read my conversations with them and was more than enough proof for him.

    I'll keep you posted if this phone acts up.
  17. Emblazon

    Emblazon Well-Known Member

    Happens with my 3VO all the damn time. I use headphones when I'm mowing the lawn, and I have it plugged into AUX whenever I'm driving. It brings up the voice dialer, makes phone calls on it's own to the last number that called me, and skips multiple songs ahead and often restarts the same song.

    I installed ToggleHeadset2 and it only made things worse.

    However, I tried another free app, called "Headset Blocker", and that did the trick. I still get the headset with mic icon, but the headset functionality becomes switched off, which is good, because none of my headphones have built in controls.
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  18. mricketts

    mricketts Member

    I exchanged mine and the new one does not have this issue.
  19. Emblazon

    Emblazon Well-Known Member

    What the batshit. I have been having this issue all day, relentlessly. As soon as I take it into the Sprint store, I can't reproduce the issue to save my life. I go home and test it on the headphones it happened before on, and it won't happen. Ugh.

    I mean, it's a good thing, but now I look like an imbecile to the Sprint employees. Sigh.
  20. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Well-Known Member

    I haven't actually tried my phone with headphones, but when I go in my car and plug the aux cable to my phone, sometimes it does that. Very annoying I should say!
  21. Kash76

    Kash76 Member

    I exchanged mine the other day and have not yet had the problems again.
  22. 3D-Vex

    3D-Vex Member

    On the hunt for a new set of headphones to replace the seven year old HP noise cancellation head phones that work great on the 3d. Unfortunately, in my attempt to get some cheap head phones to use while on vacation I purchased some Sony stereo headphones. Mdr-e828lp. These headphones do not work on the 3d. It causes the unit to play music, voice dial, and be generally obnoxious while attempting do anything else. This is not an issue with the phone, but the ear buds.
  23. Emblazon

    Emblazon Well-Known Member

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  24. Qnz92Lude

    Qnz92Lude Active Member

    There is a thread on this topic. Most likely it'd the phone not the headset, I had this issue and swapped to another phone and issue is gone so far.
  25. Emblazon

    Emblazon Well-Known Member

    I took my phone to the Sprint store I purchased it from, informed them of the issue, couldn't reproduce it on my phone (that I had done not 5 minutes earlier), and they looked at me like I was crazy.

    That was one thing I liked about Apple customer service--something similar happened to me with my iPhone, took it to an Apple store, the employee couldn't reproduce my issue, then says, "we want you to be happy, so let me go grab you a new phone."

    I got the distinct impression that the only way I was switching my 3VO out for a new one was if i purchased a new contract.

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