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Headphone bud won't work with ics non-root installSupport

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  1. namor12

    namor12 New Member

    Hi everyone, I installed a NON ROOT BUILD of ICS VANILLA 4.0.3 and seems everything works fine including the K1 speakers and downloads from the Google Play Store, this ROM is a great improvement over the troubled HC 3.1 and I did have HC 3.2 for a few days but I just love ICS which I installed yesterday

    Just noticed today that I have a headphone bud issue,only one bud is working. Is this just my glitch with the install or is it common with ICS Vanilla.

    I tried 3 sets of headphones...same outcome,only sound In one bud

    This is the ICS specs




    Thanks for reading

  2. namor12

    namor12 New Member

    Got my K1 back on Thursday , I sent it in on Friday, fast work amd shipping from Lenovo's North Bay repair centre, The headphone jack works fine now, there's a headphone icon lower right screen now everytime I plug a set in.

    When I phoned in to check my K1 I was told a cable was loose and either replaced or re-soldered. The Technical Repair sheet that came with the K1 says "HEADPHONE JACK NOT WORKING, ADJUSTED HDMI BOARD KERNEL

    I think the entire headphone jack was replaced since I knew the feeling of the old jack when I inserted a headset.

    hope this helps with anybody having tis issue.
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