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  1. BorrowerX

    BorrowerX Member

    The problem is when I plug my headphones in there is No icon and I hear audio out of Both Headphones and the phones Speaker simultaneously ?

    It is really hard to say just when this started as I don't use the headphones very often. but it makes the headphones kinda useless now.
    I have searched for some type of setting in the system and all of my audio related apps with no luck.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as ima stupid to android still.

    Ima App. Junkie

  2. BorrowerX

    BorrowerX Member

    Ok after updating to newer firmware it seems to be fixed for now, But... now there is a Bluetooth issue . Music don't play but the clicks do ??? WTF is up. I haven't changed anything and it was working perfectly a few days ago.
    And why do they insist on calling the things smart phones ? there is nothing smart about them and we are lab rats for software it seems ?

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