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  1. Johanson16

    Johanson16 New Member

    :(It seems my Desire is not recognizing headphones sometimes. Yesterday it didn't recognize both the original HTC headphones and aftermarket philips headphones. Now the device is again regognizing my headphones. More Desire owners having this problem or a solution to the problem?

  2. chicgeek

    chicgeek Active Member

    I tried my headphones for the first time last night after a week of ownership. It's not detecting them at all...

    Did you find a solution? Or follow up on.warranty?
  3. chicgeek

    chicgeek Active Member

    [double post]
  4. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    I remember the first time i plugged mine in they wouldnt detect. unplugged them and tried again and was fine. My girlfriend has the same device and she had to restart her phone. Had the same problem on my Hero. All i can same is to unplug and plug back in.
  5. ijb

    ijb Member

    Could it be dust/fluff in the socket causing a faulty connection? I know this has been a problem for iPhone users in the past. Here's a how to guide for removing it.
  6. chicgeek

    chicgeek Active Member

    I had a different issue which required me to hard reboot my phone today. And because of the hard reboot, the headphones are now detected - fancy that. I suggest you try it.

    How to hard reset your HTC Desire:
    Turn off your phone; hold down vol down and press the trackball button; select clear data

    Also note that your data actually *is* cleared by all this. Back up what info you want to to your SD, and make sure your contacts are synced with Google. Only took me 10 minutes to get my phone back to how I wanted it. :)
  7. etherial

    etherial Member

    I had a similar issue where the phone would recognise the headphones so I thought. The stock player wouldn't see them. I found though that MixZing player (app that I installed) did. Once I unticked the box "use headphone controls" inside Mixzing then they worked fine on the stock player.

    Could it be another app, ie music player, podcast catcher/player is stealing their thunder?
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  8. a877059

    a877059 New Member

    etherial's comment about installing MixZing and changing the setting worked for me, but ONLY after I restarted the phone. :)

    Thanks a lot, was going to take the handset back.
  9. bmilnes

    bmilnes New Member

    Turning off and on worked for me.
    (Bit annoying that I had too...)
  10. SurfXombie

    SurfXombie Well-Known Member

    Mine did not recognise the controls but as they are sooo bad I didn't bother worrying as I use a different set.
    What would be nice is a mic/control adaptor that you can plug any headset into.
  11. speedycolzalez

    speedycolzalez Well-Known Member

    What, like this ? :D

    ps. I know nothing about the supplier. I simply Googled 'headphone mic adaptor desire'
  12. Dvir

    Dvir New Member

    The Desire won't show the headset icon and didn't recognize the any headset (HTC or other).
    Did has bmilnes recommended and it worked! Thanks!
  13. StuN

    StuN Member

    There is a known issue with the Headphone socket. people are reporting either headphones not recognised or the Desire switching from headphones to headphones with mic, causing music to skip and also causing the phone to make calls at random
  14. brad-short

    brad-short Well-Known Member

    There is an App on Market called Headset blocker that has just been released. One you get the Headset icon for you headphones, turn it on and it blocks all the static which causes the skipping. . .

    Worked a treat for me when i was walking the dog this evening.
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  15. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread. One my desire the headphones work but the bass can be heavily distorted at times. I have to have the headphones plugged in about 3/4 of the way into the bit where you plug them in for them to work ok. It's my only gripe with the phone. But i love my tunes!
  16. brad-short

    brad-short Well-Known Member

    Are they the mic headphones that came with the phone? If not, you are experiencing the incompatability issue i talked about above.
  17. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya New Member

    Had the same problem, a simple reboot of the phone did the trick.
  18. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    Both the mic headphones that came with the phone and a pair that I have owned for a while. In order for me to fix it I have to not plug them in the full length but instead plug them in about 3/4 of the way. This sorts the issue but can be a bit awkward if you wanted to get the phone out of your pocket and you knock the connection.

    Inigo - do you mean a reboot by simply turning the phone off and then back on?
  19. bennihana

    bennihana New Member

    Im having a similar problem. It detects that i have headphones on my htc desire, but im getting no sound out of them most of the time. I first noticed with my aux plug in my truck. Then it started to happen with headphones. Mostly with pandora. Ive reset the phone. Tried multiple kinds of headphones and aux cables. No luck 90% of the time. Any advice?
  20. Maarten2306

    Maarten2306 New Member

    Thanks everyone! The most obvious answer to my issue with the headset (not recognising it), I hadn't tried... But it worked. Turned my phone off and on again.. issue gone! :D
  21. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed Well-Known Member

    Mine too has failed. I have to insert the 3.5mm headset jack then reboot the phone to recognize it but have to do this every time I want to use it.
  22. jim109b

    jim109b New Member

    I looked at these - be aware, they don't control the music player, and only allow you to answer calls.

    I made my own - chopped off the earpieces from the stock headset that comes with the Desire, and attached a 3.5 mm inline socket. You'll need to be handy with with a soldering iron mind...its fiddly :)
  23. zidey

    zidey New Member

    I registered just to say that I love you for this! My headphones started being picked up as a headset with a mic!

    But that widget worked a charm!
  24. ripponjalali

    ripponjalali New Member

    Thanks to brad_short,
    I was able to use my HTC desire headset with microphone..
    Headset blocker worked excellent.
    I have registered just to say thanks to this guy...
  25. charriso

    charriso New Member

    I have an HTC Inspire that also refused to play tunes though the headphones. Rebooting the phone appears to have fixed it. This sort of thing reminds me of the old DOS days... very scary.

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