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  1. warrick129

    warrick129 New Member

    G'day Guys

    Last weekend my desire decided the headphones were plugged in, Even though they weren't. No matter how many times i plug them in and pull them out it stills thinks they're plugged in. it's getting anoying having to use my speaker all the time during a phone call and not being able to play media through the speaker. I was wondering if anyone knew of a short term fix. For example an app where you can dissable your headphones completely.


  2. SB13X

    SB13X Well-Known Member

    In all likelihood it is the sensor that has some dust/debris stuck in causing it to stay on. The best solution I can find after an extensive search of various forums, Google etc is to try blast it with a can of compressed air and jiggle a toothpick/paper clip inside if doing so with the headphone jack doesn't work and pulling it out slowly doesn't help.

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