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  1. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    I listen to my music from my phone A LOT so this is a big deal for me. I was listening with my skullcandy headphones and the sound kept turning off as if someone hit pause. This happened with ubermusic, stock music, and pandora. After many sets of headphones I found that if the jack of the headphone(male part of cable) gets pulled towards the side of the screen, it will "disconnect" as in it will stop playing as if I took the headphones out but the jack will still be connected to the phone.

    How should I handle this? Should I get a replacement and return the one I have now? Is there a fix for this?

    P.S. I dont have that buzzing issue others have had

  2. RadioZero

    RadioZero Active Member

    no problem with my bionic using Apple earbuds. i pulled/pushed on the plug in all directions and no disconnects.

    i have also used Zune earbuds and a set of Klipsch with no problems.

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