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  1. ChuckT

    ChuckT Member

    First of all I have had my Maxx for 3 weeks and love it. Unfortunately the headset jack starting getting quirky last week(activating voice commands constantly) and today stopped working completely. VZW is shipping out a replacement today. Anyone else have a similar issue?

  2. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Not personally, but I have read that it is a quirk with certain Moto phones. Sometimes they are a weak point.
  3. Filosophic1

    Filosophic1 Active Member

    My Maxx just started doing this recently when I plug in my headset. It dials the last number I received or dialed, and constantly activates voice commands. It also hangs up on people I'm talking to. I've had to just stop using my headset because it was driving me nuts.
  4. droidmo

    droidmo Well-Known Member

    It happened to me. Called Verizon and they shipped me a new one. Everything is fine now :burnout:
  5. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Well-Known Member

    For those having issues with the headphone jack this could be a quick solution. I had the same problem 3 weeks ago with my Maxx (stopped working completely) so I read over a forum that you might have a piece of lint stuck inside headphone jack port, take a toothpick (or something similar) and very gently try to pull it out. I guess this happens when you place the phone in your pockets often.

    hope this helps...

    side note: Verizon will give you a refurbish phone. I dont know about you but I want my original new phone. :)

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