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Headphone jack issueSupport

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  1. Dreadmaniac

    Dreadmaniac New Member

    So i just got this bad girl and my skullbeatz wont work on this phone

    Also if i move the other headphones i have while it's in the jack, i get some static for a short period and then the music plays normally

    What's wrong???

  2. AndroidProf

    AndroidProf Well-Known Member

    This is an issue with the cable or transmission of sound waves to the headphone speakers. What you can do is go to a technician who can check the continuity of the cable.Sometime cables get loose from the inside.
    The issue might also be the jack pin by itself. some have a three connector, others a four connector(three/four divisions at the pin) so, if your phone is made to allow a three pin connector, you will hear kind of a static when the jack pin goes in, and sometimes works half way through.

    Because you mentioned you hear a static while the music plays normally, then that's a cable problem, get the cable checked or replaced.
  3. Dreadmaniac

    Dreadmaniac New Member

    Ok none of those were the issue.. only ONE pair of headphones/earphones I have isn't working (of course, it's my BEST pair which is skull candy ink'd 2.0)

    will see what the REAL issue is and update if I can

    Disappointed, I really like these earpbuds :(
  4. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    I've tried quite a few good pairs (tip,ring,sleeve) and a phone pair w/mic (tip,ring,ring,sleeve) and they all work fine.

    Probably in the jack/cord at strain relief, buy a jack at radio shack and cut the cord back a little and solder on the new jack.

    Hope this helps :)

    -=Thanks are always appreciated and Happy Modding=-
  5. meta6

    meta6 Member

    titans are better
  6. jeffmd

    jeffmd Well-Known Member

    Jokes on you.. skull candy is junk. So is beats, and bose, and anything you buy at target and most of best buy.

    I have never met a jack that didn't pop with static when the headphone was twisted in it. This would of course also trigger the headphone sensing technology and end up stopping what ever player was playing back. The only time I have run into working headphones not working is when the sheath on the jack was being blocked by the phones case. I've had to "modify" some headphone and usb cables because of this (my evo 3d case was kinda thick around the ports).
  7. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Well-Known Member

    Odd, I just got some skull candy ink'd earbuds and they're great. Easily the best headphones I've had. I might agree with you on beats, but I've never used them, and I have to straight up disagree on Bose.

    To address the issue at hand, yeah, if you twist any headphones in the jack you'll get done static. Either your skull candy phones are broke, our something is blocking them from plugging in all the way.
  8. androidninja

    androidninja Well-Known Member

    I love the sound that skullcandy delivers but the quality of them is garbage... I use to go through them like crazy. They would last maybe a good 1-2 months before one ear piece would stop working.
  9. jeffmd

    jeffmd Well-Known Member

    My klipsch s4s are going on 4 years now and I take them to work everyday.
  10. chucksaysblah

    chucksaysblah Well-Known Member

    i have had the same pair of sony mdr-zx100 over the ear headphones for 5 years+ they are awesome for me. I hate ear buds in general.
  11. jeffmd

    jeffmd Well-Known Member

    I prefer over the ears... but I cannot deny the portability of earbuds. I keep them in a pouch right next to my phone. And they sound just as good, although a little more uncomfortable.

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