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  1. Rlaakkola

    Rlaakkola Member

    Hi guys,

    a weird problem with my headphone jack. With some devices, my portable speaker or my Koss portapro:s for example, it works very poorly, the plug kind of pops out a bit and there's connection problems, crackling and such. Then again, when I plug in the phones HTC supplied with the phone OR my Koss sparkplugs they work perfectly! :D All phones work normally with other jacks.

    Weird, shouldn't all the 3,5mm connectors be basically identical, but some work and others don't? Anyway, anyone got similar experiences? :)


  2. djthebogan

    djthebogan Well-Known Member

    I noticed with my ipod headphones I had to push the plug in pretty hard till it sort of pops and locks it in a bit. The first couple times I didn't have it all the way in, but thought I did.
  3. Rlaakkola

    Rlaakkola Member

    Yeah, the working headphones, sparkplug and HTC that is, do actually make that sort of a popping sound when pushed in, the not-working ones don't. I've tried pushing the phones in as hard as i can anyway, so i guess i'll send it over for a repair/replacement - i guess it won't really start working any better over time either? Just such a fuss moving all the contacts and updating/configuring the possible replacement phone etc... :D Cheers for your reply!
  4. djthebogan

    djthebogan Well-Known Member

    Do all the ones that work for u have a microphone built in? I know the design of the plug is usually different when u have headphones without a mic compared to ones with a mic
  5. Rlaakkola

    Rlaakkola Member

    Well, the ones HTC supplied has a mic, and therefore has 3 conductors in the plug, but the Koss sparkplugs don't have a mic and work anyway, so it shouldn't be about that..
  6. djthebogan

    djthebogan Well-Known Member

    If the HTC plugs work fine then its your speakers or the plug or wires. Koss is poop
  7. Rlaakkola

    Rlaakkola Member

    Hate to argue on this one, but I actually is the phone that's faulty here, apparently HTC is known for their headphone jack problems or something.. Besides, all the headphones and the speaker work perfectly on other jacks so they can't really be faulty. Anyway, sending over for repair/new one..
  8. thetzar

    thetzar New Member

    I'm having a similar problem - a few sets of headphones/earbuds work fine with my HTC One S (Koss, Sony, and some junk that came with an older phone), but my month-old NuForce earbuds, after working great for about one week in the phone, just won't connect anymore. The earbuds work fine in any other device, and if I connect the NuForce with a headphone extension cord, then they work fine.

    Just amazing how something simple could be faulty in such an expensive piece of hardware. :(
  9. kevm66

    kevm66 Member

    Hi, I also have a really annoying problem related to the headphone jack. I have a pair of earphones (Dre Beats) which work perfectly in any device APART from my Wildfire S. When I insert the earphones I can only hear mumbled noise. They only work if I hold them in and twist them a certain way, which is quite annoying. I have tested other earphones in my Wildfire S and they seem to work perfectly and also the Beats work perfectly in any other device! :mad:

    I have sent an email to HTC Support and awaiting a reply.

    The HTC headpohnes are the only ones with a mic, and 2 other pairs without mics work perfectly too.

    I would expect HTC wouldn't have such a stupid problem with such an expensive phone!

  10. ordinaryewan

    ordinaryewan New Member

    There's nothing wrong with your phone sir, its compatibility issues with earphones sir

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