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Headphones to listen music and to answer a callTips

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  1. jennay22

    jennay22 Well-Known Member

    Are there any headphones that I can use with the TB that will allow me to answer a call and talk while listening to music? I know Skullcandy has them (for the iphone), I bought a pair but put them through the washer AND dryer and didn't survive before I could test it out :mad:. If they work for the iphone, would they work for the TB? Thanks!

  2. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    Any iPhone compatible headset should work. Personally, I use the Motorola EH25 headset. I used them yesterday to make a few calls, including calling Customer Care to start a number port.

    Let me tell you... talking to Customer Care over 4G with that headset on was probably the best sounding telephone call I've had in my entire life.
  3. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    Not to be that guy, but all Verizon phones including the Thunderbolt make calls using 1X CDMA.
  4. The thunderbolt doesnt use voLTE?
  5. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Well-Known Member

    I use to use my iPhone headphones with my incredible all the time and it worked fine but I just got the TB yesterday and tried to use the headphones and while I could hear the person on the other line they couldn't hear me. wierd.
  6. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member

    This is related to my problem with the aux cable. Basically, in the phone app and only the phone app...you have to unplug a headset to talk on the phone. You can hear fine, but that's it. It isn't the case in any other app like Tikl or Ventriloid or even the voice recorder.

    Solution I discovered today, is a cheap one.

    Dynex™ - Microphone Headset for Select Music Mobile Phones - DX-MP3MA

    It isnt the BEST mic, you sound a tad bit muffled because of the noise canceling and likely cheap product...but it works and isn't annoying. This is my solution until HTC fixes this minor bug!
  7. Nor*Cal

    Nor*Cal Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to find a quality set of ear buds with inline mic, music and volume control. Read through this thread and found that the Bolt has a bug

    Has anyone successfully found headphones with inline mic and controls that work with the Tbolt? If so, which one(s)?
  8. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    I had just purhased a very nice set of Klipsch headphones with inline mic in preparation for new "iphone" purchase. Got it in my head I would rather have 4g and went for the TB. I had the same problem with the new inline mic earbuds you did. I found out however that my BB headset works fine though. Don't understand. Strange.
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  9. BMF136

    BMF136 Active Member

    I use a set of iPhone headphones. I like them because they're comfortable, have decent audio quality, and it works great for phone calls.

    I did notice that the headphones for iPhone 4 won't work for other phones, it says iPhone 4 only. I have no idea what they did differently but they only let you listen to music, no voice calls.
  10. jhsu123

    jhsu123 Well-Known Member

    It's funny you should mention that b/c I was going through the same issue. If you get a set of handfree earphones for the iPhone, they will work to answer a call and talk while listening to music. Just make sure the 3.5mm jack has 3 "stripes" on the end of the jack, not 2; 3 stripes will give you "right" "left" and "mic".

    I bought one at Frys with the Link Depot brand LD HDS BLU (blue color, but they come in black and pink too) for $9.95 with a little clip to attach to your clothes. I also bought the Ifrogz Earpollution luxe earbuds for $26.99 at Best Buy which also work great.

    The one that does not work was Earpollution Ozone at BB; I could hear the person, but they could not hear me; the sales person said I needed to get one that was compatible for the iPhone instead. He said that they are branded for the iPhone, but they work for the Android as well. Good luck!
  11. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    I assume by three stripes you mean on the part that goes into the phone. I have three on the Klipsch i bought but still mic doesn't work. The only thing I can figure is that it does'nt "fit" into the jack right. I haven't tested the mic on my wife's iphone yet. Maybe the headset is defective...but i doubt it.
  12. Nor*Cal

    Nor*Cal Well-Known Member

    Thought I would bump this back up. Still struggling to find earbuds with a mic and track/volume controls that will work with the Bolt.

    Looks like the 3 stripes on the plug theory is in apart true, but the Klipsch 3 stripe with controls and mic did not work according to SecondShot (above post).

    Any feedback is much appreciated.
  13. Nor*Cal

    Nor*Cal Well-Known Member

    Well, I remembered that I had a cheap set of old Blackberry earbuds with mic and went on a mission to find them.

    Finally found them today and tested them on the Bolt. And like you found, they worked great. I could listen to music, pause it, answer a call, make a call, and most importantly I could talk through the mic that's built into the earbud control.

    The plug on these cheap earbuds has the three stripes. I did however notice that the plug is a tight fit into the jack on the Bolt.

    Anyways, now I need to find some quality earbuds with mic that will also work. Going to search for Blackberry accessories.

    Thanks SecondShot!
  14. xketchupx

    xketchupx Well-Known Member

    ive been using some samsung captivate earphone, theyre awesome!:)
  15. Little Green Robot

    Little Green Robot Well-Known Member

    My Meelectronics headphones work with the mic and the button for pausing music. I wouldn't recommend them though, the sound quality isn't great.
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  16. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    Ok just confirmed with my daughters iphone, the mic is not defective. The BB mic works on the TBolt. Wish I was an engineer but I guess I will have to get a bolt friendly pair.
  17. Nor*Cal

    Nor*Cal Well-Known Member

    Yup, this is in line with some reviews I read using the Klipsch S4I with android phones. Those were the earbuds I was looking to buy.

    Curious, did you try comparing the plug on your Klipsch to the plug on the Blackberry earbuds? Wondering if the spacing of the stripes are different and therefor not making the correct contact in the Bolts jack.
  18. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    Interesting, i will take a look and let you know.
  19. Jrocker23

    Jrocker23 Well-Known Member

    My Blackberry Curve headphones work perfect. The button lets me answer call, hangup call, play and pause music as well as talk and be heard perfectly.

    Guess my work BB was good for something.....
  20. griller

    griller Active Member

    Can anybody recommend a pair of in-ear-canal earbuds with a mic, and also goes BEHIND THE NECK?

    I guess I am being quite specific, but I like the in-ear buds (great for blocking out noise), and also ones with uneven left/right lengths, so that it goes around the back of the neck.

    I have always had a hard time understanding people who do not like these uneven length types. I cannot think of any reason why anybody wouldn't prefer these.

    Pro 1. Letting the earbuds rest on your shoulders reduce the downward force on them, therefore making them fit in your ears in a more stable way. ==> less likely to fall off.

    Pro 2. When needed, uneven earbuds allow you to quickly take them off and rest them on your shoulders. Let's say you're enjoying your music and someone needs to talk to you for 5 minutes. Take your earphones off and let them rest right there on your shoulders. No, you don't have to keep holding your earphones with your fingers, no you don't have to wrap it all around your device to put it away just to take it back out 5 minutes later. Just let them be right where they are on your shoulders...just off your ears. they aint going anywhere. :)

    Pro 3. This one is specific to the in-ear earbuds I am talking about. One problem with the in-ear earbuds is that they amplify the physical noise made from the cord movements. So when you are walking around, as your headphone cords dangle around, you will hear all the movements in your eardrums quite loudly. If you are going for a jog wearing these, Fuhgettaboutit! :). By having the cords go around the neck, you are able to greatly reduce the cord movements, therefore reducing the unnecessary noise.

    Anyways, to close, in my humble opinion, this is absolutely the smarter design. It's just frustrating to see that a lot of people (especially in the US) still seem to prefer the regular even length design... so much so that it is very easy to find a decent pair of in-ear headsets with mic that are even-length, but difficult to find the uneven length version which I want. So if anyone sees any decent pair under $50, please let me know!

    But seriously, I'm genuinely curious to see why not everybody is using the uneven length earbuds already. Where are these people? If anyone would like to step up and explain why they prefer even-length earbuds, please enlighten. would be happy to listen to your opinions.
  21. jennay22

    jennay22 Well-Known Member

    I just got a pair of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds (in pink). You can switch from music to phone call and has a mic. It worked just fine when I called my husband from our bedroom to the living room, but when I called my brother using them, he said the reception was crappy. I was calling him from our computer room so maybe that has something to do with it. I'll try calling my sister in law with them later. I really like these.
  22. fujiteam

    fujiteam Well-Known Member

    I have used my SKullcandy Full Metal Jecket (FMJ). THey are not the best headphones ever, and I have had to send them to skullcandy a few times.

    I woudl still recomend them by:
    1) Find a pair (or two) online for less than retail
    2) when one pair breaks you have another pair
    3) Send the broken pair back to skullcandy, they will credit you with full retail price of the headphones to their online store
    4) Get a new second set from the store (sometimes they have 'discontinued' models for less than retail)

    I don't think the mic off button works (maybe iPhone only feature), but they are decent for voice and audio.

    *Added 4/7*
    It turns out the FMJ button will end a call. When outside fo the call it seems to start music playing, I don't know where from. So the button ahs some functionality. I saw them for $18 on whiskeymalitia earlier today
  23. Wargazm

    Wargazm Well-Known Member

    isn't there some app (maybe root only) or setting that will simply enable the external mic even if headphones are plugged in?

    It's just so ridiculous. There's already a goddamn mic on the device. I shouldn't need to buy another pair of headphones with a mic built in....just enable the mic that's already there!
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  24. Romikemi

    Romikemi Well-Known Member

    The OP and the person looking for a behind the neck setup should check the Motorokr S9-HD or S10-HD. The second is more for athletic use, it's sealed differently. Neither is the deep in-ear type, but they are well aimed and make a good seal

    I've used a pair of S9-HDs on my D1 for over a year, and they work very well with my TB. Full control of call accept and reject from the headset, volume, track, and pause/play controls work perfectly. Oh, and no wires. They're bluetooth. I have a pair of Beats for when I want to sit and listen and I'm not near my stereo, but most of my headphone listening is casual and the Motorokrs sound plenty great. They're around $100.
  25. Android>Apple

    Android>Apple Well-Known Member

    I have some earbuds i got on amazon new for 7 bucks, they are iphone 3GS earbuds. They work perfectly for me. They are not iphone 4 earbuds(assuming that ipone 4 earbuds are actually different form 3GS ones).

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