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  1. mrisner

    mrisner Member

    I am a new owner of a Vizio Tablet which I love, however, the packaging states it takes 3.5mm headphones and every pair of 3.5mm headphones I own and have tried, are too thick to fit. Any suggestions?

  2. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    I just tried two 3.5 mm to rca adapters (like this one) to connect the VTAB to my stereo and they both worked fine. I am using a cheapy set of headphones (in ear buds) designed for a cell phone (tip, ring, ring, sleeve - TRRS) right now and they work and the button that is used to answer calls will start and stop the music. The bass is actually great and the volume is very good. Tested with the stock music player.

    The 3.5 mm connector does not look like it goes in all the way, I think this is because the jack is on the corner. Being on the corner places the jack at the top regardless of the orientation.

    The stock music player displays a 'widget' on the lock screen that shows what is playing and the volume, but there are no controls. It also auto-stops when you unplug the headphones.
  3. Shanerz

    Shanerz New Member

    I too had trouble getting the 3.5 mm plug into the jack. It was a little stiff at first but now it plugs fine

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