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Headset Hook controlGeneral

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  1. Boogerwooger

    Boogerwooger Member

    I was wondering if the Nook Tablet has "headset hook" so that a headphone mic button such as the one on the link below the post can be programmed to do things like flip pages (this may most likely only be a function available after rooting which I'm gonna do anyway, but may also be available without having to do so).

    I can reprogram this button easily on my Samsung Epic after editing the system/usr/keylayout/sec_jack.kl

    And I use it for flipping pages on "Coolreader" which makes use of "headset hook".

    The other more practical thing that the mic button would do is be able to play and pause music.

    More info on the editing this function for the Epic can be found here thanks to Nadav:

    Pic of the microphone button I am using:

    Thank you for any help!

  2. Boogerwooger

    Boogerwooger Member

    Just wanted to update now that I was able to root the Tablet and look through the explorer... I didn't find any HeadsetHook command. It could be under a different name but I'm very curious if B&N left in the ability to recognize headset buttons..

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