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  1. coolpeter86

    coolpeter86 Member

    The headset which I got with my HTC Wildfire works good for music. It plays/pauses songs for single press and Next Song for double press.

    But it isn't working for answering/ending calls!

    Thanks advance for your help.

  2. grebloh

    grebloh New Member

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I wish I'D gotten a headset with mine!! :D
  3. toshiba

    toshiba Member

    I have the opposite to you, a double press on my headset, which came with my Wildfire, makes my wildfire ring the last number I dialed and not as yours does and skip onto the next song, which for me is very annoying as I would sooner it move on to the song... when i get a phone call while wearing my headset i just push the button once and the phone call is answered and push the button again to resume my music.

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