Health & Fitness Apps Wanted! WIN a WIMM & even $250!

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  1. Lali S

    Lali S Member

    WIMM Labs is hosting a contest focusing exclusively on Health and Fitness Micro Apps!

    -A free WIMM One to anyone who submits a novel, sophisticated, stable app with thoughtful UI (see criteria below). (Disclaimer: If you’ve already received a free device from us, we cannot send you another so that we can share the love!)
    -$250 Amazon gift cards to the two best apps from this contest.

    Criteria: A winning Micro App should…
    -focus on health care (patients, doctors, hospitals, medications, body data, remote care, etc.) or fitness (amateurs, professionals, training, competition, measurement, workout tracking, weight loss, diabetes control, etc.)
    -be unique
    -take a complicated problem and sophisticated features and make them seem simple, available at a glance.
    -solve a problem that LOTS of people experience. Please aim for large target audiences across multiple geographies.
    -run perfectly in the emulator, and (hopefully) smoothly on actual hardware.
    -incorporate Internet data and accelerometers to gain extra credit (Obviously, only useful to the goal of the app!)

    -Envision a micro experience that will improve general health and wellbeing. If you need or have ideas, see the Ideas forum.
    -Consult the WIMM Labs Micro App Guidelines to turn your idea into a stream-lined user interface that can deliver relevant data at a glance.
    -Download the WIMM SDK.
    -Build and test your app on the included emulator. (If you ask for Internet data, get an emulator cert from
    -Submit your stable app here!
    -If you submit your app soon, we will provide feedback, which you can incorporate into a revision. Using this feedback is NOT cheating!

    -Contest runs from RIGHT NOW until Sunday, February 19 at 23:59 Pacific time.
    -We will judge your final app at the deadline, not intermediate attempts.

    See the WIMM Forums for more information on this contest: Contest for Health and Fitness Micro Apps! [1/19- 2/5] : WIMM Customer Service Team

    Happy coding!

    The WIMM Team

  2. Lali S

    Lali S Member

    Please NOTE: We have changed the deadline!
    Many developers have reached out to us, so we have extended the deadline to FEB 19th!!

    What will you develop on a 1x1?

    Started developing a Micro App? We are happy to give feedback!
  3. Lali S

    Lali S Member

    This contest is now closed. There will be more contests in the future, so don't let that stop you from creating Micro Apps for the WIMM One.

    Share your Micro App ideas! What makes good mobile apps? What would make them better? Would they be good micro experiences?

    Also, if you would like feedback on your Micro App, please post here!
  4. primer693

    primer693 New Member

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