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  1. never-enough

    never-enough Active Member

    Every few seconds I hear a beep in the background on every call now. Anyone else getting this? It's annoying!!!

  2. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    I get the same thing once in a while. Example, after about 5 to 10 mins into a call, I hear a beep. Only happens once in a while.
  3. mark 2550

    mark 2550 Member

    Yes, have expierenced this same thing first thought is was someone calling not the case then thought it was the other persons phone recieving another call not sure what it was. doesn't happen everytime on a call but has happened on a couple of occasions.
  4. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    wow, I thought it was the other persons phone. I get it but only on longer calls.
  5. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Are you all sure you aren't hearing notifications? Like text messages, or emails, or calendar events...?
  6. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    Yup. Everytime its happened, I had no notifications.
  7. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Well-Known Member

    Same here, no notifications when I look....
  8. mark 2550

    mark 2550 Member

    This is not my first android phone, but no it's none of the above never expirenced this on my incredible , plus on some callls I can barely hear the person but on other calls I have to turn the volume down, I don't know but for this day and age these things should of been worked out before a phone is re-leased just my opionon
  9. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    Anyone figured this out yet? I just finished a 42 min call and had 5 beeps. The other person hears nothing. There is no particular time space between beeps. Had the first about 5 min in, then the second came about ten min later then another within about 2 min. Not a huge deal, just weird and somewhat annoying. Maybe ICS will cure it.
  10. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    This is not necessarily the fault of your phone, it could be a problem with the phone the other person is using. Or the other person may be holding their phone 'wrong' and not actually speaking in to the microphone.
  11. rsgoldens

    rsgoldens Well-Known Member

    Mine does it too. I was leaving a message for someone yesterday and heard it twice with no notifications coming through... I have heard it occassionally and not thought much of it, but I think it really is an issue if this many people are having it happen. Not a big issue, just an annoyance really.
  12. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    Mine does it too. Thought it was me hearing things!!!
  13. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Mine just beeped and it was a text message coming through.
  14. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    This may not be the phones...today while I was on the phone with my wife...we both heard, loud and clear, ..."end of messages"...it was part of the voicemail message.

    Neither of us were on a smart phone of any sort...just plain old cell phones.

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