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Heart Rate Monitor app?General

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  1. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Buy a Polar F6 and you have free access to their website where you create a profile for all you do, chart your progress, and design a program too I think. It only costs around $99 and works great. I use it all the time.

  2. DreamWeaver

    DreamWeaver New Member

    Check out the Zephyr HxM (Zephyr HxM | Heart Rate and Accelerometer Data Analysis) It doesn't measure temperature or respiration but it is supposed to work like any other HRM system you could get from Polar, Garmin, etc. and looks to be the only Bluetooth HRM out there right now compatible with current Android apps/devices.

    It is compatible with 2 different app developers in the Market right now: Run GPS and Sportstracklive. It's $99 and Sportstracklive has a $5 coupon code on their website you can use. The $20 shipping charge for the HRM is still a bit steep so the coupon helps soften the blow.

    I don't have the HRM but am seriously considering it. I have some limited experience with Sportstracklive and I think they probably offer the level of online monitoring/logging you're looking for.
  3. mspice

    mspice Member

    I also have an app, "Heart Rate Monitor", that talks to the HxM bluetooth chest strap. It is a straightforward heart rate monitor app that displays and records the heartrate. It also calculates and allows you to select different heart rate zones (warm up, fat burn, cardio, and custom). While it doesn't have all of the things integrated in that sporttracklive has, if you just want heart rate monitoring, it does the job. It provides audible alerts if you go above and below your heart rate zones (similar to the popular watches). It runs as a background service so you can use any other app while it is running. It is a free app.

    I also have a coupon code (FUZZYMONKEY) that can be used to provide $5 off of an HxM. Think link to by is built into the app and also at androidheartmonitor.com.

    I'll soon be adding extra features. Please contact me if you have any specific suggestions.
  4. ZephyrHxM

    ZephyrHxM New Member


    I apologize for having only the $20 shipping fee (which was for priority). We just lowered it to $10, which is for FedEx economy to the continental US. Thanks!

    -Jeff from Zephyr Technology
  5. ZephyrHxM

    ZephyrHxM New Member

    We have a device for this...the BioHarness Bluetooth that measures full ECG, breathing rate, and skin temperature. It is, however, currently $498 retail and geared for professional markets. Also, no Android apps have been released for it yet. If you would like, you can message me, and I'll keep you updated on the latest developments.

    BioHarness Bluetooth | Remote Performance Monitoring

    -Jeff from Zephyr Technology

  6. supermatt9

    supermatt9 Member


    I was just looking on your website and it looks like $20 is the only shipping charge. Any chance of getting that $10 shipping option??

  7. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    I too am interested in a bluetooth heart rate monitoring option that links to my phone and will link to the various apps that I use.

    Currently I use Cardio Trainer due to the features.

    If I had an app that would link to a heart rate sensor and thus act as a heart rate monitor, it would be really nice. However, it would be even nicer if that device would have many of the same functions as the Garmin products. Being able to analyze where you were strongest in your training, weakest, tell you when you need to take your snack (for distance cycling for instance) for best performance, a site to upload that data to for storage and reference or even a downloadable program to keep it on my desktop for reference, etc.

    I would gladly pay a good chunk of money for an app that had all of these features. Would I pay a monthly service fee? Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, NO. :)

    Oh, and why is this in the Eris forum? It should be in the Android apps forum since none of these apps are ever phone specific!
  8. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    I thought I would update and say that it appears that Endomondo also uses the Zephyr HRM

    Unfortunately, I really have never heard of this company and so I have nothing to base my opinion of their product on. :(
  9. RunningD

    RunningD Member

    I wrote a review of the Zephyr HxM at RunningDigital and I'm loving the product. I'm a long time user of traditional HRM products (Polar) for endurance sports and fitness testing. Now, I'm all about making my Android into a fitness computer.

    Last year I was the first of a few to get Nokia's N79 Active Edition with Polar's BT HRM. Now on an HTC Desire, I'm trying out and reviewing similar systems and discovering all sorts of new equipment and possibilities. Zephyr's BioHarness is amazing!

    My first full Android app review will be on SportsTrackLive.com's Sports Tracker, using Zephyr's HxM, which will post late tomorrow.

  10. IAmCosmo

    IAmCosmo New Member

    While we're on the subject of stuff like this, does anyone know if there is an app that will let you display the output from a power meter? I know my SRM power meter will work with a Garmin Edge, but that uses ANT+, not bluetooth. I don't claim to know the difference in those though.

    I just know that I'd love to be able to store my HR and power data on my Droid along with the maps I make when I'm out riding.
  11. orenfl

    orenfl New Member

    As a former owner of Nokia N97, I purchased just after a Polar BT strap.
    I'm now happily a Desire user yet, sad to find it doesn't work with the Polar one.
    Isn't there a workaround that will lead to the fact that I will not have to pay additional 99$ (without shipping) to get a "sports-tracker" compatible suite?
  12. mspice

    mspice Member

    So you have a Polar Wearlink BT strap? I'm the author of the "Android Heart Rate Monitor" which also supports the Zephyr HxM but not the Polar. While, my app doesn't support the Polar Wearlink one, one of my users reported that the Android app "Endomondo" does. You could give that a shot and let us know if it works for you.

    For those who don't already have Polar Wearlink BT, Polar doesn't ship them individually to the public. Not to worry though, because users of my app tell me that they have tried both and the Zephyr is better. If that is true, then it is better and cheaper (if you don't already have one).

  13. orenfl

    orenfl New Member


    Thanks for the info!
    I've downloaded the Endmondo app but then found my HRM belt battery is probably dead. I'll switch one and advise.

  14. orenfl

    orenfl New Member

  15. RunningD

    RunningD Member

    @orenfl, Apologies for missing your question until now.

    I just wrote a post at RunningDigital covering all today's available wireless sensor options for mobiles. Having HTC Desire, I am mostly interested in Android-friendly sensors, but I tried to cover as much as I could. Not only Bluetooth, but ANT+ solutions as well.

    Motivation for the post stemmed from errors in press releases that TexasInstruments and ANT+ made during the MyTracks/HTC/SRM/ANT+/Suunto Tour de France project. There, modified HTC Legends were used to stream rider data to audiences.
  16. cactusmitch

    cactusmitch Member

    I have been using the Garmin 305 gps with heart rate monitor, for a couple of years. The sensor is on a strap that one wears arround one's chest and detects changes in skin conductivity to measure the heart rate. Wirelessly info is sent to the wrist device. I have several tracks publically available at everytrail.com and on the Garmine site. This a very useful app. I will experiment to see if the sensor uses bluetooth. Androids should be capible of doing this.
    Folk who know little should read more than they write.
  17. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    They don't use BT, they use Ant+...which is apparently something other than BT...
  18. merkat

    merkat New Member

    HTC tells me my EVO is has the WIlink chip from TI that can recieve ANT+ transmissions. This would be great to use but I can't seem to make it work. Been to REI and other places trying to make it work in the store but my phone never seems to recognize the device. I downloaded MYtracks from the advice of people from TI and it didnt help. In fact it has nothing to do with heart rate monitoring at all so.......not sure why I needed it in the first place. THe Zephyr is good for what Im trying to do, but it's a $100 for just a chest strap. The ant+ straps are half the price and will work with the equipment at the gym. I don't think the Zephyr will. An all in one device will get here eventually. Until then I'll just keep carrying a Warehouse on my arms and belt.
  19. fitandready

    fitandready New Member

    i got the 60beat RX and use my standard Polar heart chest belt. still works with the watch on your wrist and my treadmill.

    works great. i am using the runtastic App. Also very good.

    check it out at

  20. westside

    westside Well-Known Member

    Just got the Polar Wearlink + bluetooth and am trying out the apps.

    Most annoying thing is the apps like Cardio Trainer and Sports Tracker which don't have an "Exit" button.

    It seems that only one app can connect to the sensor at one time so when you can't exit one app you can't connect with the other unless you use the app killer to get rid of the other.

    In addition Cardio Trainer is especially annoying as it restarts itself after killing it.

    Going to try Edmondo for the ride home today.


    Edit: The Sports Tracker app I'm refering to not the one from sportstracklive.com. I just discovered the later and it looks awesome...except no exit button ..... d'oh!
  21. grngoloco

    grngoloco New Member

    just downloaded runkeeper ,, haven't tried it yet,, but if it works as advertised ,,, should do the trick
  22. nokia33

    nokia33 New Member

    You should try the following apps>
    Instant Heart Rate (camera based) or the Magic Hear Rate Monitor (no camera required).
  23. rlucky82

    rlucky82 New Member

    Sorry those wont work. How am I supposed to hold my phone against my chest while pedaling my mountain bike through the woods at 20 mph? I sure would be nice if my garmin monitor worked with my droid x. But I guess there is not enough of a demand for that to happen. I mean look this thread was started 3 years ago and we still have nothing.!
  24. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Not a phone app, but there is this: https://motoactv.com/

    Also, this heart rate monitor: RunKeeper Store: Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter with Bluetooth works with RunKeeper for Android.
  25. Johnfaestoney

    Johnfaestoney New Member

    Try Endomondo. Go into the settings, once down-loaded, and search for your heart rate monitor. (you have to be wearing it) Its a multi-sport gps tracker that works well for me. Good luck! :)

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