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  1. tarun19831983

    tarun19831983 Member

    Hi Members,

    I am seeing a very weird problem with my Samsung galaxy s2 which I bought yesterday only.. If I play a games for 30 mins or use my phone for continuous for 20 - 30 mins it gets very hot. Mostly the area near by the back camera and in front just upper to Samsung logo get's very hot.. I can not even take any call as it's too hot when it touches to my ear....

    Is it a hardware problem or software ?? I am confused.. Please help..

  2. Beaker491

    Beaker491 Well-Known Member

    It's possibly related to both the hardware and the software as the CPU is generating alot of heat to play those games flawlessy, but the ROM could be altered by Samsung, so at least it might not get quite as hot as a lot of units currently are doing... link here - Galaxy S II very hot - xda-developers

  3. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    I think it is software. Mine used to get hot all the time and after I updated to KE4 and then flashed the Euro KE7 firmware it now NEVER gets hot. Even gaming it gets slightly warm but nothing like before.

    @Tarun what firmware and model do you have? Just curious. Dial *#1234# to find out
  4. olivier_uk

    olivier_uk New Member

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem with my S2. I got one on Friday, used it for 3 days, it then froze yesterday, I had to take it back to the store, they exchanged it for a new one, I am charging it for the first time now, the phone is off, just charging, and it is quite hot! As it's off, there's nothing running, no application, GPS, or anything! Is this normal?

    I don't really want to have to take it back every 3 days... Any idea of how to solve this problem?


  5. tarun19831983

    tarun19831983 Member

    Please find the details below..

    PDA - I900XWKE8
    Phone - I900DDKE2
  6. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Charging will cause it to heat up even when off. The SG2 is SO thin that it is hard to hide the heat being generated by the CPU or the battery while being charged. "Hot" is a relative term, a phone should get warm but NOT hot to the touch. It is well documented that the SG2 warms up during longer calls of gaming. The battery is being discharged by the CPU and with todays technology, MUCH energy is wasted by making heat.:(
  7. olivier_uk

    olivier_uk New Member

    Thanks for your answer greggebhardt.
    I have also read about some software updates that might help keep the phone cool. I am new to Android/smartphone, any idea of what to do if the phone still gets 'hot' in use?

  8. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Not much you can do except find and install the update. Samsung is likely hearing this information in these forums and will throttle down the CPU for games but there is little they can do for a long phone conversation. If you think yours is getting TOO hot, I would try another. The circuitry that does the phone will create some heat and is unavoidable.

    Some of this might just be because the phone is SO thin.
  9. olivier_uk

    olivier_uk New Member

    Ok, well, lets see how it goes. The charge is nearly finished, and the temperature is lower than an hour ago. I'll let you know if it starts melting when I use it.


  10. tarun19831983

    tarun19831983 Member

    Do you see any issue with the current version of software... ?? I gave my handset today to Samsung to check the heating problem and i found one more guy over there who has the same issue with their S2.. I am afraid if this is the major flaw in their handsets....
  11. Darkflame

    Darkflame Well-Known Member

    This happens to my SG2 when playing games, it gets quite warm but never too hot to touch.

    I always put it down to the advanced graphics chip and the fact the phone is so thin.
  12. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I vote this the most accurate response.
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  13. xmjox

    xmjox Well-Known Member


    To me, it's a no brainer that the phone will get warm at some point if you're extensively using it, like any PC would (except you might not notice it so much due to the internal fan/s).

    My handset has never become hot, just a bit warm when i've been charging it and playing a game at the same time for instance. When i charge it overnight, it never gets hot or even warm to touch and this does not happen with general use either.
  14. Tsais

    Tsais Member

    Well, it sounds logical and I wish it was actually true. But it isn't...

    I've used the phone heavily in the first week, installing apps, copying tons of files, playing videos, music, trying out various games, just to see what the phone can do, all the while having it on the charger, I had the screen to never turn off etc.

    And from all that, it NEVER got hot.

    Then, 3 days ago, i had it just laying on the bed, charging locked, with screen turned off. 3 Hours later, it was piping hot and had barely accrued any charge - with nobody using it at all.

    And the heat was near camera, not near battery.

    So, I think your argument makes sense - when there's nothing wrong.

    But I think the SGS2 does have something wrong with it. Maybe some random thing running the processor ragged, even when nobody using it.

    Given how Apple treated customers with their bad solder spots on Nvidia equipped MacBooks, I am wondering if I should return this thing while I still can...

    I mean what can we expect except denial of the problem and standard lines like "well it'll get hot when you play games"

    someone even said it'll get hot when you make phone calls...

    Nokia may have lost the plot now, but I remember not one phone from them that had any noticable rise in temperature from making phone calls.

    Certainly nothing to burn your ears off...
  15. Irate

    Irate Well-Known Member

    to anyone having heating problems i would advise you to root an flash either the KF2/KF4 firmwares they significantly keep the phone cooler
  16. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    I seem to be running KE2 firmware. Jeez how out of date am i ?!! Lol
  17. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    +1. but gotta wait for vodafail for now to get a updated firmware :/
  18. mfj197

    mfj197 Active Member

    My phone only got hot on one occasion, but unfortunately it is a situation which I may well have quite frequently. Using the GS2 as a satnav in the car, with google navigation, and plugged into a USB charger. I've used my old iPhone 3G like this for a few years running TomTom and planned to do the same with the GS2 (probably buying TomTom when it comes out) - it was probably my most-used application on the iPhone as I checked traffic for my commute. When I ran the GS2 like this it got worryingly hot, even more so as it's in a case.
  19. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    For those of you with Hot phones, return it.

    The update will help, but it will still run right on the border of really warm / bordering on Hot.

    My Brother just returned his after we compared it to mine, (barely warm after two hrs intense use) and the new one is just fine.
  20. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    On my second phone and this one is.exactly the same. I doubt this is something that'll be fixed to be honest.
  21. Kopite7

    Kopite7 Member

    Whats the best temperature app to download to check how hot my phone gets?
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  22. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

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  23. hindia4u

    hindia4u New Member

    I too have a SGS2, and facing the same problems mentioned above. And, as you wonderfully stated, i too had a Nokia N95, never did it heat soo badly. :(
  24. mfj197

    mfj197 Active Member

    I think it's probably connected with the wifi sharing bug. I can tell by feel when the bug has occurred - the phone gets hot near the camera. I go into the task manager and stop wifi sharing (which by that stage has been responsible for a considerable amount of battery consumption) and stop it. Hopefully the software update just released in the UK will deal with this.

    By the way, a thin phone is better at dissipating heat than a thick one. It has more surface area compared to its volume.
  25. sandy-vashisht

    sandy-vashisht New Member

    I have been using this phone for over three weeks now.
    The first impression was great. good display and power. android runs smooth.

    But in the last week, i have got the phone totally stuck two times. The unlock button for display ON/OFF stops responsding. The area under the camera gets so hot that one can barely touch it.

    Both the times, i was driving in my car and bluetooth was paired to the car. Once i got a call and i was talking on car`s headset unit. Second time i did not even get a call. Both the times, the phone was just gone.

    I had to remove battery and let it cool off and then it came to life again. I showed it to the store guy from where i bought the phone and he was going to drop it because the phone was so hot.

    reading this thread , it looks like that this is not because of some application thats creating the problem but more of some core kernel object thats hogging the CPU.

    SAMSUNG should give an update soon to fix it or should call back Galaxy S2s.

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