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  1. uhi711

    uhi711 Member

    Hello everybody,

    I'm in the process of buying a Note II from Germany.
    I would like to ask, at those who bought a Note II in Germany, if they could check the existence of a hebrew keyboard and RTL support (right-to-left reading and writing).

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member

    ?אתה יכול לדבר בעברית

    Wow...it's been a while :p I don't even know if I spelled half of that correctly


    You should be able to change the language to anything really, or at least download a keyboard that will support hebrew text. Not sure about the RTL though.
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  3. uhi711

    uhi711 Member

    And yes, there's no mistake in your writing.
    Do you own a Note II? Could you check the keyboard for me?
    I read on Android's site that version 4 should have support, at least for reading and writing, for RTL languages as hebrew and arabic. But I just want to be sure about that. I'm not talking about a hebrew interface which I'm pretty sure it is not included in the operating system.
    I need only fonts for reading and writing and a keyboard. I also know that there is a free hebrew keyboard on the market.

    Thanks again,
  4. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member

    haha, Mine is coming tomorrow. If you don't get an answer by the time it arrives I'll check into it and see if I can't find anything for ya.
  5. uhi711

    uhi711 Member

    Thanks again. You will have enough time to check and to get back to me.
    I will buy mine only in December when I will be in Munich.
    Where did you order it from?

  6. Jsucool76

    Jsucool76 Well-Known Member


    If I can find some way to get hebrew to work on my phone the way you've asked for, you shouldn't have an issue getting it on an international model.
  7. uhi711

    uhi711 Member

    !תתחדש ושיהיה לך בשעה טובה​
    I didn't know how to say it in english, so......
    And thanks again,
  8. uhi711

    uhi711 Member

    Hello again,

    I would be very happy to hear your first impressions about the Note II.
    Could you also confirm the existence of reading and writing hebrew support? Until now, I didn't get any other answers on this matter.

    Thank you in advance,

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