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Heeellp pleaseSupport

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  1. punc

    punc Member

    I was updading my le 100,and now its dead.mayby a do samethong wrond,( I did several tomes before) but now its a completly dead,any solutions???:(

  2. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    sorry, nothing you can do.
    contact a service
  3. punc

    punc Member

    Any body can tell where I can send My phone to service,I'm from Europe,and we don't haw any service for Le phone,ready to pay for brick repare.
  4. orestis

    orestis Well-Known Member

    e-mail to chinavasion they may help...
  5. Fishzn

    Fishzn Member

    Check with your local cell repair shops -generally the better ones do have knowledge of resurrecting dead phones or at least no somebody who can do it for you. Also if you have any electrical engineer friends, ask them too.
  6. punc

    punc Member

    Finally, in local cell repair shop,my brick get a live,but now when I start to install any version of LEOS Firmvare for 3GW100,its shows that :check-sum ok,
    and in bottom line show: switch to fastboot mode... and nothing happens anymore...
    Can I install from card ?
    and what version its preferred.

  7. punc

    punc Member

    Any recommendations how to install firmware on unbicked phone? :confused:
  8. gerkow

    gerkow Member

  9. punc

    punc Member

    Thank's for Explanation
    but it looks like I haw to go with Complicated way with PC installation,
    because phone , when starting with card installation stopping loading and asking to switch to fastboot mode...
    I haw ,95 Pc suite,and Drivers,what else I need and what is the installation procedure.
    Thank you
  10. punc

    punc Member

    Still no luck...
    After re-brick phone with JTAG,( Phone now reacting for switch ON) ,
    PC don't recognized the phone and don't see memory card,all drivers and software is installed,
    when I try to installing from memory card -no luck,
    What was wrong? What I can do to PC recognize phone?
    Thank you.
  11. punc

    punc Member

    Do anyone know,when after rebrick the phone with JTAG, I haw to instal first version of Lenovo? or no mater? and where I can get clean original version of filrmvare,
    thank you.
  12. punc

    punc Member

    Anybody know where i can download FULL firmware,for 100?

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