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  1. I7IZI

    I7IZI Member

    Hello! So i thought this might be a good time to start a heimdall thread here since i am now a proud owner of the sch-m828c. I've been googling around trying to find a firmware package to download for this wonderful unit and can't seem to find one, and yes i checked on samfirmware.com. I did come across what appeared to be generic samsung firmware packages over at xda but wasn't willing to try them out for the sake of not bricking my phone just yet. im hoping to find someone in here with more time and experience using heimdall and linux than I have might be able to dig something up or maybe even create something for us linux users. Also i'm hoping that having the firmware package for heimdall will also help solve some of the issues im have with connecting my phone in download mode. I did see shabby's post in another forum (may have been the prevail) about heimdall not supporting OPS but i'm not sure what OPS is and am hoping yet again that it doesnt apply to the precedent. So... its almost 1 in the morning and am looking this post over and feel as if I've been rambling. Maybe one of you intelligent life-forms out there can help continue this goose chase. ;)

    Those aren't generic Firmware packages on xda they're for I9000

  2. whompus60

    whompus60 Well-Known Member

  3. I7IZI

    I7IZI Member

    Hey all! aright so ive been doing some some more research and connecting the dots... I've figured out what OPS is, it's the file type of factory OS so to speak.?. Anyways, I was hoping that perhaps one you most amazing and gracious devs over at AA51 might be able to help me out by posting the files I would need to flash this through heimdall? As im not about to install Windoze on my comp just to be able to flash the shiny new GB ROM y'all just got done devin.

    Files Needed:
    --factoryfs (doesn't need to be titled factory as long it's format is.rfs)
    --cache (another .rfs file)
    --dbdata (another .rfs file)
    --kernel (zImage file)
    --recovery (supposedly needs to be a .bin but I've found .img in the ODIN pkgs.)
    --modem (another .bin file)
  4. sillyname

    sillyname Well-Known Member

    Use WINE or VMs much?
  5. I7IZI

    I7IZI Member

    I've been able to get ODIN running in wine but I haven't been able to get it to detect my phone. And I'm not to familiar with VM's. That and as difficult as it may seem I really do prefer the open source way. One peculiar thing I've noticed about heimdall is that even though in the frontend of the program there are buttons for detect and download PIT but when they are clicked upon there is an error message about "unkown command", even though it will still detect my phone with the detect button. I've also noticed that these commands aren't available from the command line as well and they are not listed as options in the help menu. I'm about to notify the developers of heimdall of this but I want to be certain that it's not just me first. I've installed heimdall both from the git hub and from my distros repositories.
  6. sillyname

    sillyname Well-Known Member

    Have you tried extracting the necessary files for a Heimdall flash from the *.tar container files used for Odin?
  7. I7IZI

    I7IZI Member

    Yeah, not all of the files necessary for flashing with heimdall were within. Although I was thinking today I might need to convert the .ops file to .tar in order to find the rest, not sure why I didn't consider that before.;)

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