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Heimdall v1.4 RC1 deb packages for Ubuntu 12.04

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  1. Sepero

    Sepero Linux Guru

    What's Heimdall? It's basically like an open source version of Odin. You can flash stuff on your phone with it.

    Notice: If you don't know what this software is, then you probably shouldn't be using it.

    I have packaged the commandline version of the software. Unfortunately, I no longer have a device to test this on, so use at your own risk and report back with your results!

    $ sudo heimdall flash --recovery cwm.img

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  2. DaveQB

    DaveQB New Member

    This was very helpful. The version in the PPA didn't work with my N7105 but this version did.

    Thanks for the packaging.

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