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Hellions With Blue Fire !

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  1. crane321

    crane321 Member

    Hi, i recently bought the pantech breakout and had updated it. i didnt realize that it would remove my ability to root my phone. is there anyway to remove the updates manually or automatically.im really dying here with all of the bloatware and not having the ability to do whatever i want. i understand how to root but continue getting the hellions with blue fire ! error code. please if anyone has a solution im dying here.

  2. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    how about flash the preupdated software and start from scratch
  3. crane321

    crane321 Member

    you can do that without it being rooted? if so how and plz help me ill love ya forever
  4. crane321

    crane321 Member

    also i do not have a preupdated img but i would love to have one lol

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