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Hello... again. Your knowledge again please.General

  1. mlc331

    mlc331 Well-Known Member

    Well, hello.... for the 3rd time :rolleyes:

    If you've seen my post before, you know that I'm an apple guy. Love em, think they are right on the money (most of the time) and have just about all their devices at home. Recently, as you know if you've viewed my posts in the past, I strayed from the my 4s to try the S3. Loved many things about it and recieved lots of help from many of you to try and get me rolling. In the end I decided to go back to apple and get the new iphone 5. We'll, I got it and... well, i'm not super happy. Before it was even officially scene, my choice was made. Then, the 5 came out and it we all realized that there wasn't anything that HUGE that was going to be introduced. Sure, the screen was bigger (barely) and 6.0 was the new OS. But what about anything that would be trend setting??? trend setting in the world that I live in??? The world where you don't really concern yourself with tech specs or glam. You simply want a fast device that is comfortable and addresses MY needs.

    Needs are simple:
    1. I need a phone that doesn't require endless tweeking and software attension.
    2. I need something that has a great screen. As I get older, I want something that I don't have to squint to see.
    3. I need a device that is smooth and that is efficient. I don't want to have to go through 4 commmands to do one task.
    4. I need something that will work error-free and won't crash every other week.
    5. It has to be cool and have some trend setting qualities. I like new and I like cool. I like being in the front of the bus!

    So here we are. I am now looking at the NOTE II. And while this isn't a board for that particular device, i have some questions that might be right up the S3 communities alley.

    1. On the 5, the IOS 6 stuff was probably the 2nd best part of the new device (The first was the 4LTE.) In the new ios they put in a Do Not Disturb scheme. REALLY cool. it basically quiets your phone at a time you choose and only notifies you when certain things happen. For example, it only lets "Favorites" ring through/notify of a call. If somebody else calls say twice... it lets them through. I really like it.
    Question: Is there an application that will let me do that in Jelly Bean?
    2. Has Jelly Bean been stable?
    3. Is Google Now all it's cracked up to be? (I think that's what it's called)
    4. Have the Samsung products been holding up over time?
    5. I'm not too worried about the size (I'm 6'10"), but is there any real drawbacks to the Note II's size?
    6. You guys turned me on to Swift Key and it was a dream. The 5 actually has a problem with accuracy for some reason. Will Swift Key work with the Note II?

    Thanks all.

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    1. Yes, called blocking mode
    2. Has been for me
    3. Meh. Hard to say. Not had much to do with it
    4. Mine still feels new
    5. One hand typing. However I've started voice typing too, when I'm walking and no one can hear me.
    6. Yes
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    2. JB is completely stable, i dont know who would have told you otherwise.

    3. Google Now is pretty cool. It is most useful for people who work 5 days a week and can set home and work latitudes in their device, because it allows them to see the traffic on their way home, i love this...

    It also will show packages that have been shipped and the dates they should be delivered.

    It also keeps track of scores for your favorite teams...

    As well as how much you walk during the day...

    Yadda yadda, just try it out for yourself :)

    Hopefully i gave some more insight to the other issues that the member above me didn't address completely :D
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    4.. Yes. The gs2 still holds its own against a lot of the phones out at the moment. I know I jumped ship to the s3 but it was more because I could than I needed to. Samsung will continue to support their flagship phones with firmware updates for a good few years, the s2 should be getting jb soon and if the phone can handle the next update (I'd be surprised if it couldn't) I don't see a reason why they wouldn't.
  5. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    That all depends on what you want. If a phone does exactly what you want, then you won't need to tweek it. Most of the time, everyone wants something a little different and depending on how different, you may need some level of tweeking no matter what phone you get.

    As long as you can see the screen now, I would think that whatever device would get old before your eyesight gets any worse. Judging by your need for things to be new, I think you'll get a new phone before you need a new pair of glasses. :)

    Android phones have these things called widgets, some of which are shortcuts to do certain tasks.

    I know you are looking at another phone, but the SGS3 has been very stable for me.

    You'll have to decide on yourself regarding what is cool.

    I know the SGS3 has a Do Not Disturb. I'm sure there are apps that give you more control on who gets to call you. I've seen a glimpse of Tasker that is very powerful. I don't think Tasker does this particular function, but I would think that there would be apps that do.

    Got my SGS3 in July. It is working better now than when I got it. No slow downs or anything. I'm still on ICS.

    I found that the SGS3 is really big for me and I had difficulty typing when the phone was in landscape mode. It was difficult to reach keys in the middle of the screen. I found an alternate keyboard called Thumb Keyboard. It has a split keyboard layout that keeps the keys closer to the edge so I can reach them all in comfort. It has keyboard layouts for large phones like the Note.
  6. mlc331

    mlc331 Well-Known Member

    Did some research on blocking and it looks very similar to "blocking" mode. Nice!

    Most seem to be pretty happy with Jelly Bean. And so far I haven't heard too much from people that actually got it with their Note 2's.

    I went ahead and made arrangements for the phone. It's supposed to be shipped by the 27 from big red. Man, this is big.... Going away from my iPhone.

    Thanks for your opinions everybody. Lastly, I want to back EVERYTHING up from my iPhone. Is there a way to backup everything from my iPhone including text messages, contacts, and notes? Not sure if Verizon still has a backup asst?

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