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  1. acidrave

    acidrave New Member

    Hi, I'm a (not so) proud owner of a Flytouch superpad III since 5 days :). I buyed it form ebay

    It's a little piece of rubbish, but I love it :) I payed it 119 Euro , I'm from italy.

    After two days the charger died, I've to put another 25 Euro ina universal charger.

    I'm able to play angry dirds well, to read pdf, to view AVI and images. The network connections are ok.

    It's quite choppy.

    The google market play does not work at all, I'm on aptoide.

    my system specs (from system info app):

    os version: android 4.0.3
    device: Dk1032
    Display: IML74K
    build 20120330

    bye :)

  2. acidrave

    acidrave New Member

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