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  1. voltup

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    I'm Joseph, the Dev. behind PowerMax by VoltUp - a battery saving App for the rest of us - very simple to use. I built this App after a friend had his Droid Incredible run out of power in the ER due to many background Apps using up his battery; right when he needed the phone to update family about daughter who was in car crash.

    PowerMax allows you to easily turn off all power hogs on the phone to get maximum usage as a PHONE.

    I'm also a user of a Droid Incredible and jealous of friends with new HTC Thunderbolt...

  2. Hyndon

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    Hey voltup!

    Welcome to the Android Forums. That app does sound very useful. I'll check it out!

    See ya around. :)
  3. Martimus

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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