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  1. Bootcie

    Bootcie New Member

    I am somewhat new to android, wireless technology and quite new to the world of tablets and smart phones. I now have both and I know they can do a lot of things that I don't understand but I want to learn how to take advantage of the things they can do.

    I am a future registered nurse, a mother of one and grandmother of five. I like sewing. I once owned a formal/bridal dressmaking shop. When I was younger before I owned the shop, I sewed all the time and made a lot of my own clothes and I also sewed for others. I enjoyed sewing a lot and would still like to sew although I don't have much time for it.

  2. olbriar

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    Hello Bootcie. Welcome to Android Forums. It sounds like you live a rich life. Welcome to the wireless age and congrats on choosing Android based devices. These forums are here to help you get the most use and enjoyment from your devices. You will find the members here friendly and knowledgeable. I hope you enjoy your time here and can gain some insight about your new tools.
    Samsung Admire - Android Forums
    Zenithink ZT-180 - Android Forums
    General Tablet Talk - Android Forums
    These are links that might help you. We do not have a discussion area for your exact tablet so I left a link to the Zenithink area we have as well as a link to our general tablet discussion area. Have fun and give a shout here if you need any assistance navigating the site.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Glad to have you onboard, Bootcie.

    Thanks for stopping in to signup.

    See you around. ;)
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