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    Oct 14, 2012
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    Hi. I'm new to Phandroid... I have 5 Android phones in use in my family (actually 7 devices if you count 2 wifis). The wife and I and 3 kids love smartphones, which brings me to a question for anyone who can help... Where will I find the lates GPS coding/programming? I'm 3/4 the way done with a Smartphone Android app... but the app's gps, in build no 2, is way off. I don't think it's the GPS receiver in the phone as it's a Droid Razor Maxx, which is pretty much the latest and greatest, I beleive. I've asked the programming team (a private co) to make sure they have the latest GPS programming code, but I want to be sure they have and know the latest and greatest. I know how GPS works, but the readouts from the app are off, sometimes by miles, sometimes by feet. Where can I find the latest coding that should be used in a mobile app and what other advice can you offer? Thank you very much!

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    Welcome wmsmoak!! Glad to have you here.
    I think you may find this forum useful
    Application Development - Android Forums

    I hope you find the answers you seek there.:) Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.;)
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    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. wmsmoak. :)

    Hope you find these forums useful. :D

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