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  1. cryobaby

    cryobaby New Member

    Hello everyone,

    After much saving of pennies I took receipt of a Samsung Galaxy S YP G1 Wifi 4.0. Was full of childish glee but now I'm about to come over all cry(o)baby as I can't seem to get the music working! It was okay before I synched it to my Windows Media Player - now when I press 'Music' I get 'not enough memory'!

    Okay so I probably should have checked the size of my music, so I though hey! I'll delete the stuff that's transferred over, except I can't even seem to do that. I'm going to get an external SD card next week to boost the memory anyway, will this solve the problem?

    I'm sorry to say I'm really not techie enough for this, I have an everyday computer users knowledge so I really thought I could handle this... obviously not!! :eek:

    You seem like a lovely bunch - please help me :)

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Well, not really sure what happened, but what you should do first is get an external card, pop in your music in there like any flash drive, put it in your phone then reboot. Then try to open music player.
  3. cryobaby

    cryobaby New Member

    The device isn't actually a phone. As far as I understand it it's basically a Samsung galaxy S2 minus the phone bit. I really wanted it as a music player :)
    When I go to 'Task Manager' the Internal SD card registers as being completely full (5.55 GB). I connected it to my PC as a 'mass storage' device and deleted everything under 'Albums' bar one as a test but it's still registering as full. It's so frustrating!!

    Apologies too if I'm not explaining myself correctly. I'll be getting the external SD card quick smart to see if I can perhaps transfer what's on the internal SD to see if that works.

    Just very PO'd I can't get this sorted! I thought these sort of devices were meant to be 'user friendly'?! Maybe it doesn't want to be friends with me ;)

    Thanks for your input anyway!

    EZGOEVO Active Member

    Sorry to say but, for Android, you gotta put in the work to get it how u want it. Not familiar with that device but check your apps and see what is your device file manager. Possibly, My Files. Open it up and find your music folder and see what type of functions it has,ie...delete, move, copy, etc.
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  5. cryobaby

    cryobaby New Member

    Thanks for the response. I'll give your ideas a go. My external SDHC card arrived today so I'm going to try synching Media Player to that! Fingers crossed...

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