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  1. DiskoDarci

    DiskoDarci Member

    I am Darci & I just bought my first android (Nexus 4). I am certain that this is going be the basis of a 12 step meeting introduction soon. I just ditched a crappy blackberry that I bought right when things were bad - and I feel very spoiled by my new toy.

  2. Justin01

    Justin01 Well-Known Member

    Enjoy your Nexus 4! I hope you could share some more interesting features about it. :)
  3. DiskoDarci

    DiskoDarci Member

    I have only had it for two days, but the panoramic view is really great, the video and pictures are great so far and I love the talk - to - text feature. It's super light but that will change when I encase it in the best plastic pillow that I can. The disco decal on the back is really attractive. To be honest, going from a curve 9300 to this, the app selection has been the most exciting part. I really lucked out when my friend told me they'd just gone back on the market right when my year old blackberry was failing. It might be a little soon to tell, but I think it's love.

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