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    Sep 14, 2010
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    Just took delivery of Samsung Galaxy S "Vibrant" (i9000m) from Bell Canada (ordered it over the phone).

    This retires my 3 year old HTC Touch which, other than screen size, was a pretty good cell phone for me.

    I am a technology consultant and an IT guy from way back; built my own Exchange server to sync my computers (mac and win) and phone, etc.

    I have to say that Steve Jobs' hostility to modding the iphone told me to look elsewhere.

    My plan was to use the Touch until the iphone got up to speed as a smartphone, but since it isn't there yet, and the S looks so good, it was time to jump ship.

    My main concern was that I would loose the functionality that I had in the Touch. In a nutshell, the Touch had:
    SPB Shell home screen/launcher
    Wisbar Advanced (to disguise the start bar)
    phonealarm for automatic profile management
    S2U2 lock screen
    Slingplayer - works over EVDO
    Opera browsers
    Unlimited data (I will miss this)
    GPS and Google Maps
    Touchpal keyboard

    So I have only had the S for few days, and I think it's a keeper. So far I have installed:
    ADW home screen/launcher
    Calendar Snooze - to have various snooze delays on calendar event notifications
    Settings Profiles - automatic profile management (excellent)
    Slingplayer - works over HSPA
    Ultra Keyboard (I won't miss Touchpal)
    Shazam (not working?)
    LockEnabler (lock without using the hardware button)

    I also bought the Roots Phone Case RL1LBK, which is a goot fit.

    I plan to buy the Samsung EBB-U10 Power Pack when it is available.

    No lagging (I think it must have the fix applied) and the GPS snaps onto my location in seconds.

    I love the text reflow feature in the browser.

    So far so good. I will still carry around my ipod touch 64 for podcasts and music.

    The only missing feature so far is the inability to invert the display colours, as can be done in iOS. I'm sure someone will figure it out soon enough. At least for the browser, to save power.

    EDIT - reinstalled Shazam and it now works.

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!
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    Jul 25, 2010
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    Hi & Welcome to the Android Forums - Cheers....;)

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