Hellpp!! I need help asap!! Please. . .

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  1. althea016

    althea016 New Member

    So, last night while i was making a playlist in musicmax my phone suddenly froze and it became all black so i shut down my phone and when i turned it on my media scanning problem is back AGAIN (yes, my phone has a problem when it comes to media scanning and i idk why) it just keeps saying "media scanning files" for like half an hour so i unmount my sd card removed it and put it back again but still no effect. I tried almost all the methods i can use (since i dont want to reformat my sd card, i dont want to lose all my files) I tried this method of putting ".nomedia" and i was having a hesitation at first but i have no choice left. So I did that method and i unmount my sd card again put it back and left my phone media scanning since i was already sleepy, so this morning when i woke up i was happy to see that there was no media scaning anymore. But when I opened musicmax and my music player. . all i can see was the songs i recently added and they multiplied, and one thing i noticed is that they're back to their file names (i organised them, via iTag) so I tried to organized them again but it wouldn't change, still uknown artist and unknown album when i go back to iTag they're all complete. . the artist and the album section is filled up but it wont save and it affects the album cover (i have seperate app for that) and when i checked for my other songs. . they're still in the folder but they wont go to musicmax or music player . . And as far as i know its my fault because i think .nomedia only works on pictures/album cover but i added .nomedia on my "music" folder and iTag folder. . and one thing. . before i slept last night i remember transferring all the folders that i put ".nomedia" in my external sd card again bcos when i renamed them . . they automatically transferred into my internal sd card . . btw, i used ES file explorer ..

    please help me on how to bring back my songs. .

    please guys. . i need your help so bad . . I love music so much, and i dont know what to do anymore, i cant wait to listen to Lana's songs again :frown:


    So I looked for the folders again (those folders which i put ".nomedia") and i realized that they went missing.. im having trouble finding them . . I think they were deleted or hidden. I want to unmount my sd card but im afraid it wont stop media scanning again. . Sigh. . I thought .nomedia would help me but i got into bigger problem instead. Please help me revive them please. . .

  2. BRAINZ2013

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    Hello and welcome to fhe forums . We need full make and model of android device to help. Post back when you have.
  3. althea016

    althea016 New Member

    omg im sorry . . i forgot to fill it up . . im new here so, yeah :D
  4. DanPLC

    DanPLC Well-Known Member

    Get rid of ".nomedia" from any folders containing your music. The Android media indexer will skip over any folders with ".nomedia" in it. Once you do that, try opening up your device's app settings, go to "All Apps" and find "Media Storage", then select "Clear Data". Then reboot your device. This will force Android to re-index your music. But it will probably delete your playlists (not the music files, just the playlists).
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  5. althea016

    althea016 New Member

    Thank you so much. . That helped a lot :)

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