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Help!! 911 Coby Kyros 8125 BRICKED!

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  1. bvisonl

    bvisonl New Member

    ok first post empty so i can put images-.--------------

  2. bvisonl

    bvisonl New Member

    I Know this forum is for 8024 but 8125 are "almost" the same! and there's no 8125 sub-topics yet! so i landed here! im needy!!!

  3. Vernox701

    Vernox701 Member

    You can try here...make sure you read to apply right files for your device...I think 8125 has capacitive screen so you need properr utboot.bin and drivers for your device...goodluck and let us know if you get it fixed...
  4. Cinnamonbun

    Cinnamonbun New Member

    I have same problem with my mid 8125 it worked fine the day before yesterday now it won't power on. The screen stays black when I plug it into computer it says it's an unknown device. I tried the reset button didn't work. I rooted it along with the mid 7012 that I got my sister last week. The mid 7012 is working fine. To root I used adb and superoneclick (I think that's the name or something close to it). I don't think the root is the problem since it was rooted a week ago and the last thing I did to the 8125 was put some books on my external sd card & inserted into the tablet and browsed the web. I left it on so I thought battery died but it's charged now and still won't turn on. I bought it from amazon used almost 2 weeks ago but since I've rooted it I may not be able to get refund can anyone offer any advice 2 help getting my 8125 working again.
  5. KD271158

    KD271158 New Member

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