Help a newbie, few problems/questions

  1. spurgu

    spurgu Member

    Hi, got my samsung i7500 earlier today and already am so lost with it. :)

    I updated NPS and through it my samsung once. Though NPS seems like a waste of time. Besides that I haven't done anything at all to my phone, except turning on the debugg thing and turning off the massmedia storage or such. (I read and tried to figure out stuff about the i7500, can't say anything has made anything clearer to me, except NPS = useless).

    I also installed SDK and updated the things into it but am now sitting at main page with "virtual drives, installed packages.." ect but don't really know what to do with it now.

    Anyway, what I really want to do is move some videos/music on to the phone. I do get into the phone's memory with the DCIM, camera ect folders but whatever I move in there doesn't show up in the phone. (I read from somewhere that the phone automatically knows where to find music/video files ect, true or?)

    Also I'd like to get some wallpapers/apps/games of my own in it. :) oh and should I update to some unofficial 2.x.x os or something? will it make things different/easier or such? worth to register that google account? (does it cost money or can I just oret about it?)

    (I'd even be happy with just the music/video thing, apps ect would be nice but whatever)

    I'm just so exhausted and tired, spent whole day finding out things about the phone but all I've seen is similar problems with no answers. Help, this seems like a nice phone, just these small bumps kinda bother in trying to get into it.

  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Go to market and get yourself GalaxyUpdater by Drakaz app. With that install yourself a recovery 6.4 version. And now if you get yourself a donated version you can also install custom ROMs by name GALAXO (version 1.6.x.x) and GAOSP (nightly). Some will recommend you to go for Galaxo because it's the best you can get for your phone now.

    But because you are new, better catch yourself some reading material (the guides here on this forum). :cool:

    P.S: what baseband are you on?
  3. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Hi Spurgu,

    Welcome to the Forum :)

    Everything here is free and legal.
    For a primer dig in here
    For some more information spend some time reading materials here and get a hang of it.
    Upgrading/Rooting is very easy but only if you know what you are doing.

    For basic stuff like photo/music/browsing you dont need to mod/root/upgrade your phone.
    But once you are enlightened with the GYAN stuffed here you would be the 1st person to do so.

    Have a nice stay here !!!
  4. spurgu

    spurgu Member

    Doesn't it cost money to use the market/download stuff through it? no way to do this free?

    Where do I get myself a donated version?

    I've been reading through this topic.

    Not really sure what odin does and adb. or well, adb is apparently a driver so yeah. Will galexo enable me to move music/videos to the phone from my pc? how will I install apps ect if I have it installed? anyother way than doing all this?

    So basically I just need to use odin, install adb and galaxo, all from that thread (everything else I've seen is so fragmented (word?) ect) and that's it?

    Not really sure on trying randomly those things, i7500 is pretty expensive. :p

    baseband? not really sure what you're talking about, sorry. :x

    and I really can't get music/video to work.
    I did this and moved stuff into the phone but.. guess the question would be how do I use/open them / find them.
  5. spurgu

    spurgu Member

    Dang, never thought it'd be so simple, glad I spent some time going through those pages in this forum.

    I feel so stupid. :D but I'm glad it wasn't any trickier than this.

    Basically the problem I had was that the thing was still hooked up on the pc? in mass usb mode so it wasn't doing anything when I tried to access them at that time. Got my pics and music in there now, I belive it will work on vids too as soon as I get them on the right format!

    Now, more questions. I've downloaded pictures with 320 x 480 size and when trying to set them up in the screen. It makes me set the border of the pic? (sorry, my english is kinda poor.) and won't let me use the whole picture. Thus the pic comes out big and ugly on the main screen. What do I do to get it working? (probably something as simple as that music thing xD)

    And still, do I need all the odin stuff ect to install apps I've dl'd from the net?
  6. dante.

    dante. Member

    Hi people, i'm also new to community and alas i have some questions too :)
    As it came to my notice a lot of ppl r using Galaxo instead of GAOSP, why is that?
    GAOSP is port of Froyo for i7500 and correct me if i'm wrong but Galaxo is still based upon Donut, it makes no sense in using older( read slower ) version of Android instead of newer.
    GAOSP is nightly, yes, but it works almost perfect on my 7500, so what seems to be a catch here, is there any particular reason for doing so:)?
  7. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    The Galaxo is still faster and "stable" the GAOSP. GAOSP is still between Alpha and Beta version, so until there's Beta release or RC they're waiting to cross to GAOSP. And still there's some bugs to be solved, some performance tweaks and so on...
    But it won't be long do.

    @ spurgu You can expand that red border thingy by putting your finger on it and drag it to either end of the screen
  8. spurgu

    spurgu Member

    Yeah, the problem I had was solved easily. Wrong sized pics, 640 x 480 works!

    Anyway, now few questions about rooting.
    I've been reading this guide and it seems simple enough to follow.

    Rooting pretty much lets me install custom apps ect from the net no? and basically if I someone manage to fail rooting, the phone should be ok from that (it's just being shut down/turned on). How do you do a nandroid backup? it's an option that I'll run into while rooting? and what does flashing my phone really mean? :) This looks simple enough and something that could make things pretty interesting. :eek:

    Oh and another thing, rooting pretty much gives me the priviledges to do things but how do I actually install ect stuff on the phone after rooting it?
  9. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    First things first...

    For doing it easy, download GalaxyUpdater (advertisement again) app by Drakaz. You have two options regarding this app, either download free version or donated version. The difference between the two is:
    - free version allows you to download and install Recovery 6.4
    - donated version allows you to download and install Recovery 6.4 and also the custom ROM's (Galaxo & GAOSP - latest nightly)

    In Recovery 6.4 you have option to root the phone and also you can do a Nandroid backup with it. It backs up the current ROM you have installed + with apps.
    Be warned installing custom ROM you lose or your installed apps and saved SMS, MMS,... in order to get them back you will need to install "Titanium backup" for your apps (in your current ROM do a backup, install custom ROM (Galaxo or GAOSP), download and install Titanium backup again and restore the apps). Can't remember which app to use for SMS (never did it myself, because I have nothing important to restore :p ).
    Or download the apps again from the market.

    In conclusion in Recovery 6.4 you get all the option you need Nandroid backup, and Root your device (I did it myself with this and it worked).
  10. spurgu

    spurgu Member

    Okay, that answered the backup questions. :)

    Gona try rooting the phone for starters. Just wanting to know if this will let me install apps ect that I've gotten from the net. I want to try messing around a little bit with it before going for the ROMs ect.

    I kinda figured I can use SDK to install those apps or? So all I need is adb+npc drivers, SDK, recovery 6.4 right?

    I'm trying to get by without using the market at all. Just wana try something simple ect before tampering more with the phone as I have no experience at all in these things. :)

    Ty for all the help! :)
  11. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Like I wrote. By installing the GalaxyUpdater you can really easy install the recovery 6.4. You want need to bust your head with the drivers (if they are installed correctly or not). But give it a try the hard way, but if you get stuck don't hesitate to ask for solutions.

    Regarding baseband, you can see that info in Settings/About phone/Baseband version
    The recommendation is JC6 via (installation by) ODIN.

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