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  1. HerpyDerp

    HerpyDerp New Member

    I need help.

    I've never owned a smartphone before, nor even handled an Android. I just bought this Huawei m835. I'm smart enough and savvy enough that I knew I'd have to root it, etc. to make it work how it should. (I understand the concept of bloatware, etc..)

    So right out the box, armed with the knowledge of lurking this forum, I rooted it with gingerbreak. I installed Superuser. I installed Estrong file and task manager. I bought Root Explorer. I got Titanium Backup. I downloaded SDK and tried messing with adb commands, which only gave me a headache.

    Eventually I somehow managed to change things to r/w and started moving things to the sd card.

    Long story short, I ended up with a REALLY slow phone that hung on just about everything I tried to do with it.

    I just factory reset it and it seems to be ok.

    My problem was I cobbled together a bunch of bits of info I read from various threads. There is no "for noobs with no familiarity, start here" thread.

    Can someone PLEASE give me a simple, concise, Step 1., Step 2. way to get bloat off my phone, free up internal memory, overclock the cpu, etc. etc.? And maybe customize it further?

    I'm completely new to all of these terms like ROM, etc.

    Thanks a million in advance.

    I'm a noob, but I'm also very competent. Just need someone to get me started.

  2. nicktheg00

    nicktheg00 New Member

    This is why noobs shouldn't root phones. Not the best combination. Ended up breaking mine once and had to get a new phone. Anyway, to free up up some enternal storage you must go to setting, apps, manage applications. Select an application and click move to sd card. this should free some enternal storage up. But make shure you have at least 8 gbs of sd card storage or you'll have a problem with that too. By the way, there's no way to remove bloatware without rooting, which I highly suggest you not do until you know what your doing. To customize your phone just go to the android market and get some widget apps. Then go to the homescreen, hold your finger on the screen and hold your finger. Then a menu should show up, a widget button should show up. Just click widget select the widget and it's on your screen. If you have anymore questions just message me. :)
  3. HerpyDerp

    HerpyDerp New Member

    Though I'm new, I'm not incapable. I'm actually very capable, everyone was new at one point. I just need someone to give me that push on the butt, this is my first time riding a bicycle.
  4. nicktheg00

    nicktheg00 New Member

    So what do you specifically need help with?
  5. D3c0y

    D3c0y Member

    Ok. The only thing you did wrong was experiment. Know what you mean to accomplish before ever stepping into r/w mode. Explore all system files in r/o a few times so you know exactly where and when to go. From root explorer go to cust/metro/us/app to find majority of the bloat. A few others can be found in the system/app folder but are not necessary to delete. They will free up space, but do not hog memory by constantly running in the background. You can do this much from the phone itself. Anything else, message me.

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