Help !!a total white screen when i boot upSupport

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  1. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member

    When i Boot up i see white screen ! :s: Help me guys !
    As far as i remember i had only Stopped some processes ( The avast Antivirus, the DSP Sound manager and App Lock ) !! :(

  2. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

    also happened with me when i flash a custom ROM but it resolve when I do restore my stock Rom.............
  3. sidzlifez

    sidzlifez Member

    How did you restore the stock rom
  4. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    I have also same problem ,........ ... ......reflash with mmx orginal scatter and all files. Via super flash tool and your problem will be solved....
  5. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    Try above post
  6. sidzlifez

    sidzlifez Member

    from where to download this original scatter files and super flash tools

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